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Can Microblading Be Removed Completely?

Microblading removal has become more difficult than ever. With over 18 years experience, here is where you will get the truth!

The fact is that it’s going to be down to the pigments that were used on you and sadly, if your microblading was done in the past 4 years, chances are high that you have the new style of pigments that essentially…are made to be permanent.

The big challenge that we’re having is that these pigments are changing under the laser to all sorts of funky colours, making it a challenge for me to take them off.

If your brows were tattooed with traditional pigments, I will be able to get it out in one to three treatments. There are iron oxide and titanium oxide based pigments. They are the ones that over time, will pull blue or red. These are the ones that are semi permanent.

So what if you have these new pigments on your brows? Your brows will turn red, orange or worse yellow under the laser. It is these brows that we will not be able to guarantee full removal. The reason for this is that the colours are simply not reacting to the laser. If this happens, you need to see out an expert, hopefully someone trained by me. Someone that is newly trained in laser without the dept of experience in this very specific subject of permanent makeup removal will simply not have the skill to shift the ink. Please remember that success is not down to the laser, it’s down to the technique of the laser practitioner.

So is everything lost? Well no… Microblading removal using a combination of laser and non laser methods I have been able to shift these colours by as much as 90%. But be very careful when laser practitioners offer you 100%. Those days are all but over. Removing brows that were tattooed with the new style pigments will now require a Permanent Makeup Removal EXPERT. Someone that is familiar with the different pigment lines, compositions and who is also able to offer non laser methods.

If you’re struggling with this, I offer free video consultations which you can book here.

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