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How are non surgical facelifts performed?

This was done over six months

Non surgical facelifts are done using a combination of techniques and no two faces are alike. It’s important to realise that one treatment will not be enough to achieve the results in the picture.

Often when people come to me, they have different areas that need to be addressed. To give you an idea, any combination of these treatment may be needed.

PDO Threads – The PDO Thread Lift does indeed give a lift and if someone has good facial volume over all, this could be a viable solution. However, most people over 40 have lost volume so the threads alone are not going to give you the lift that you often show the practitioner. I find that the lift many want often is something that can be achieved from a surgical facelift only.

Dermal Fillers – This is my favourite tool. So many people don’t want filler because they don’t want to look overdone. However, fillers are a tool that is used to replace the volume that has been lost with age, not to change features (this is where it goes wrong). I always say that if you have a limited budget, go with fillers, do cheek fillers and then temples, this is going to give you the most lift.

Fat Dissolving Injections – If the fat pockets from you cheeks have travelled down to your jowls sometimes we just need to dissolve it, same for double chin. These injections dissolve this fat permanently and sometimes, just having this done give your face a lift and youthful look.

The important thing is to have a consultation because everyone will require a different approach. I do free video consultations so that you can get a firm idea of what you need without any obligation. You can book here. Having communication with you injector is half the battle.

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