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Natural Dermal Filler Offer – London

Regular price £250 per ml. Offer Price £395 for 3ml and £125 for each additional ml when used on the same treatment.

The goal of this offer is to make a full facial rejuvenation using dermal fillers affordable. We specialise doing natural fillers on over 40s, both men and women. As we age we lose volume on our faces, there is little that we can do to look younger and fresher unless we replace the volume that we have lost with age.

We can instantly turn the clock back 5 to 10 years using expertly placed dermal fillers. This dermal filler offer will allow you to achieve a natural and rested look at an affordable price.

The way that we use dermal fillers is “reconstructive”, meaning that we will only replace what was once there. It’s so natural that other than people seeing that you look well, no one will ever know that you’ve had work done. This is our trademark.

For more information you can book a free video consultation with Lorena HERE. Lorena will be able to make suggestions for your specific needs as well as give you a firm quote and treatment plan.

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