Burn scars are traditionally very difficult to treat. The skin becomes very tough yet sensitive. Skin grafts may have been taken and scars from joinings may be visible.

DermaEraze works by creating precision trauma on the affected area. This sends signals to the brain to send collagen and lymphatic fluids to the area in order to repair the trauma. The scar is then repaired as a by product of the trauma.

DermaEraze will not magically make burn scars vanish….what it will do is two fold. It will soften the scar tissue making it less obvious AND it will induce your own body to re-pigment the scar the colour of the rest of the skin so that they become nearly unnoticeable.

How to book

You can book online here, by choosing the “Scar Removal” option. or a online whatsapp consultation  If you would like more information and would prefer to speak to a member of our team you can reach us here 01883 344273