If your scars are fairly new and still red, you are not yet suitable for DermaEraze. Best results are seen once the scar has gone white.

Some scars take a very long time to heal and it may be worth giving your body a helping hand. There are many lotions and potions that you can buy that promise all sorts of miracles. Don’t be fooled. Although some may help, the fact is that everything your body needs to enhance the healing process is contained in two oils, Olive Oil and Avocado Oil. Our “Miracle Oil” is available at all our clinics and is a unique blend of the two, giving your skin Vitamins A and E along with moisturising properties to heal your skin in optimal time. Try to keep the area moist or sticky with oil. Your skin loves moisture when it regenerates. Silicone Strips, from your local chemist and also available through us, are also very good.  We recommend sleeping with them and using the oil during the day.

If your scars are raised, you may be looking at keloids. These are notoriously difficult to get rid of. If they are old, skin needling MAY help, the success rate is about 60%.  Keloids happen when the cut is deep and there is a huge genetic factor to them.

People from Asian and Afro Caribbean decent have a much higher chance of getting keloids than other ethnic groups. The best product for raised scars is the silicone strips that you can buy at your chemist or through us.  Keep them on 24/7 if possible and you should see a big improvement.

How to book

You can book online here, by choosing the “Scar Removal” option. or a online whatsapp consultation  If you would like more information and would prefer to speak to a member of our team you can reach us here 01883 344273