Permanent Makeup PigmentsThe founder creator of Permanent Makeup Center Pigments has put together this intense colour theory class for Permanent Makeup Artist where she shares with you her knowledge.  Pat Shibley-Gauthier is a true pioneer in the Permanent Makeup industry.  She began 30 years ago by mixing pigments in her kitchen and now boasts arguably the most stable pigment range in the Permanent Makeup Industry.  Pat and her training school are long standing member of the SPCP and adhere to their best practice.

This class is suitable for all PMU artist and microbladers, regardless of what pigment range they use.

In her Color Through The Skin Class (American Spelling) you will learn:

  • Organic and Inorganic pigments, how they’re produced and their differences.
  • Colour Wheel and how to use it to neutralise colours.
  • The Primary Colours and their function in Permanent Makeup.
  • How to deal with “black”.
  • Colour Value, Hue and Chroma
  • Skin undertones and how they need to be neutralised
  • Cool and Warm skin undertones
  • Cool and Warm pigments
  • Fading
  • The use of WHITE
  • Colour Correction
  • Melanin
  • Easy reference chart

You will receive your choice of (Please specify option a or b when booking online in the comment section):

a)  7 of our most popular Machine colours including our famous Cleopatra Secret Eyeliner pigment


b) 4 of our most popular Microblading pigments plus our famous Cleopatra Secret Eyeliner pigment

The price of the this one day class is £450 plus vat to be held September 18, 2017 venue in London is to be confirmed.

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