Permanent Makeup PigmentsMeet Permanent Make Up Experts and Learn Industry Secrets
Improve your business by learning how to fix bad brows and understand the colour theory behind the pigment. Never choose the wrong colour again!

A little more about Pat…

Pat is the founder of Micro-pigmentation Centre, one of the most respected worldwide training and distribution centres. Pat has one of the largest educational facilities in all of Canada and the Untied States.

Pat Shibley-Gauthier is a true pioneer in the Permanent Makeup industry and is flying in to London to share her 25 years of knowledge with you through her colour theory class.

Did you know?

Pat revolutionised the industry and had a massive impact on the equipment used by the best makeup artists around the globe!

Sounds great… but what else?

Not only is this a great chance to network and embrace a good support system for your career, and one lucky person will also be leaving this spectacular event with an award winning DiamaDerm Permanent Make Up Machine worth £750!

A Long-term Business Opportunity

By attending this course Lorena is offering you an amazing opportunity for your business – you can make money becoming a world wide distributor or a UK re-seller for the pigments. If you are interested in becoming part of our family then this is a great way to introduce yourself to Lorena Öberg and the team.

Color Through the Skin class

Venue Details
Crystal Ballroom
St.Ermins Hotel, London. UK Directions


10am-5pm, 9th June 2019

Price:  £250 plus VAT

Full Agenda 

This class is suitable for all PMU artist and Microbladers, regardless of what pigment range you use.

In the Color Through The Skin Class (American Spelling) you will learn:

  • Organic and Inorganic pigments, how they’re produced and their differences.
  • Colour Wheel and how to use it to neutralise colours.
  • The Primary Colours and their function in Permanent Makeup.
  • How to deal with “black”.
  • Colour Value, Hue and Chroma
  • Skin undertones and how they need to be neutralised
  • Cool and Warm skin undertones
  • Cool and Warm pigments
  • Fading
  • The use of WHITE
  • Colour Correction
  • Melanin
  • Easy reference chart
  • Goody bag

A VIP pass to the Color Through The Skin class is £250 + VAT

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