ear & nose piercing londonWhere to have ear & nose piercing is an important decision.  We offer professional ear and nose piercing in a clinical environment.  Our medically trained staff use the latest fully sterilised single use disposable equipment.  Our staff complete a rigorous training within our company even after they are “qualified”.

Our clinical and private environment makes for a more relaxed atmosphere of what is, for many young ladies, a right of passage.  We’re responsible for ear piercing of celebrities and royalty so you can be sure you can trust your princes to us.

For children,  we use numbing cream which makes the experience enjoyable and pain free.  This is specially relevant when piercing  younger children (only done with signed parental consent).

Baby ear piercing is done with specialised equipment that is gentle to the delicate lobe.

Although nose piercings are done with a piercing instrument, this is not the same guns often used for ear piercings as these can damage the delicate tissue in the nose area. The piercing instrument used for nose piercings is equivalent to using a needle, but faster and less painful.

Please note that we do everything to make parent and child feel safe and comfortable but we will not pierce a child that is distressed or makes it clear that does not wish to have the procedure done.  We do not refund the deposit in these rare occasions.

If you have any questions you may call us on 01883 344273.  You may also book online by using the BOOK NOW button on the upper right hand corner of this page.