Scalp Pigmentation ReversalScalp pigmentation removal is more closely linked to Permanent Makeup Removal than Tattoo Removal.  Tattoo artist generally use traditional inks which do not contain titanium oxide.  By contrast scalp pigmentation is generally done with PMU pigments which contain Titanium.

The use of titanium in pigments makes removal this sort of removal different from traditional tattoo removal.  Titanium reacts differently under the laser and whilst this is not a problem for an experienced technician, it does mean that a different skill set is required.  The size of titanium molecules also mean that specialised lasers are needed to make this treatment as safe and gentle as possible.

Why scalp pigmentation removal is necessary?

scalp pigmentation removalThe most common problems with scalp pigmentation are colours turning blue as well as pigment blurring under the skin giving the scalp and helmet look.  This can be due to many factors including pigments, technique and even PH Balance of your skin.

In most of these cases, the best course of action is to remove the pigment and start again.  Scalp pigmentation can be a wonderful treatment when done well as can be evidenced by the photos in this page of work done by colleagues all over the world.

Why we’re different

What sets us apart from other laser removal clinics offering scalp pigmentation removal, is that this is our specialisation.  Lorena is widely considered the world expert in the removal of permanent makeup and pigments.  Lorena has pioneered many of the techniques being used today.  She lectures at permanent makeup conferences all over the world.   We perform tattoo removal daily which gives us the experience to recognise how titanium reacts under the laser.

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