We have recently introduced the fantastic iLIPO to our list of services.

ilipo logo smallLaser Lipo is the latest form of Lipo treatment to hit the nation. It is highly effective and for a change, it’s a pleasant experience!

It works by emptying the fat contents of the target treatment area, but because these cells remain undamaged (just smaller), so they can be refilled in the future. Of course though, like anything, results aren’t permanent without a little help! A healthy diet and some Cardio ensures your fat cells don’t refill.

We offer a full consultation with your initial treatment. 
This will ensure you have all the information for your treatment protocol, a full personalised consultation and assessment and your first treatment to ensure this is the best method for you.

If you want to deal with a problem area and are looking for an advanced, safe and truly effective solution, then call us on 0800 0029696 to find out more or book an appointment.

The treatment can be performed on all skin types and all areas where unwanted body fat is stored, and you can return to normal everyday activities, immediately after your treatments.

The best part of this treatment is that results can be seen immediately. We can tell you this because we have all been doing it in the clinic! And we are all doing really rather well!


Course of 8 – £350

Course of 4 – £200

Single Session – £60*

(*This is a good option for those just wanting to lose a little bit for a night out or a weekend away and want to get into those Jeans or a dress!)