Laser Hair Removal Training Courses


We offer two different Laser IPL Hair Removal Training Courses:

  • Accredited Level 4 Training as part of our LOII Manufacturer’s training (Included with our laser)
  • Accredited Level 4 one day IPL training at your premises (Suitable for those that already own a laser)


Training and Information about our in our LOII Multi functioning Laser

There is a lot being sLaser IPL Hair Removal Trainingaid about other forms of laser technology being “better” for hair removal.  We often hear that people have had IPL but “it hasn’t worked for me” but our response to that is that “you haven’t used the LOII IPL”.

makes our IPL different and indeed better, is that our engineers have been able to design the shortest pulse train in the industry.  This translates to our machine :


  • Suitable for all skin types including Fitzpatrick V and VI
  • Removes blond peach fuzz and white hair, this is a unique feature of our machine.
  • Virtually painless.
  • Highly Efficient with 80% hair reduction in 4 to 6 treatments.
  • Inexpensive to run, replacement handles are affordable.
  • Excellent for Thread Veins and Rosacea
  • Effective for acne and skin rejuvenation
  • Ongoing post training support for questions
  • Level 4 accreditation Wynyard Aesthetics (provided work is completed to standard)
  • Level 3 Core of Knowledge
  • British made and maintained with a one year on site warranted in the UK.

In addition, the LOII is also a Q- Switched ND Yag laser and a Radio Frequency machine allowing you to also offer Laser Tattoo Removal and Permanent Makeup Removal as well skin tightening.  We say that the LOII is the only laser that an aesthetic beauty professional will ever need to invest in.

Training Package

Most importantly, our LOII machine comes with our Laser IPL Hair Removal Training Course package.  Even if you’re new to the industry, we will be able to guide you through the process to becoming compliant.  This is ACCREDITED level 4 training and level 5 training can be undertaken (there’s a charge) at a latter date.  We will guide you through all of your qualifications and you will leave us being able to secure insurance not only with our Preferred Insurer but with most insurance companies.

The same holds true for council requirements.  Most of all, you will have the on going support that we have become known for and you will be able use our logo on your website.  Our brand is a trusted name in our industry and clients look for our trainees when deciding where to have treatment.

You can download our training pack including prices and machine specifications here.

If you have any question you may contact us on 01883 344273

Laser IPL Hair Removal Training – Stand Alone

IPL Hair Removal TrainingThis training is suitable for those that already have an IPL machine and wish to learn to use it to it’s full potential.  The IPL is widely known as “Old Technology” and on the whole it is, however,  there is a very good reason that whilst other forms of technology have come and gone, the trusted IPL is still a staple feature in most skin clinics and salons.

You will receive the same tuition as the above mentioned, minus the machine and subject to the capabilities of your individual equipment.  By the end of the training you will receive.


  • Level 3 acredited Core of Knowledge
  • Level 4 accredited qualification (subject to coursework being completed to standards).

These courses run 4 times per year but on site training can be arranged in clinic or salon at your convenience.  Price for this course is £2450.

For more information you can contact us on 01883 344273