Lorena Oberg

Bi Therapy Tattoo Removal

dark skin laser tattoo removalWe are proud to be the pioneers of Bi Therapy Tattoo Removal ©.Bi Therapy Tattoo Removal is about combining Laser and Non Laser techniques in order to maximise their effectiveness.

Laser and non-Laser tattoo removal work in completely different ways. Both methods have advantages and disadvantages, so when combined, we can tailor the treatment to each individual’s needs.  The dual treatment also dramatically cuts down on the time and sessions needed to completely remove a tattoo.

Lasers work very well on black ink but have trouble reading colours such as red, green and blues.Non-laser tattoo removal works very well removing the bulk of ink in the first few sessions and works well at tackling coloured ink, whilst laser works better on areas where there is less ink to be disperse. By combining the two methods we are able to maximise on the strengths of each one.

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