Lorena Oberg

Lip Fillers

Lip Fillers CaterhamLip fillers are all the rage right now with celebrities sporting the ever luscious pout.  However, this is not the bulk of the work we do.

If you’re afraid of pain, we can offer pain management injections that will make this procedure virtually pain free.  There is a £50 charge for this service.  Many that have had treatment elsewhere claim that it’s the best £50 they have ever spent! 

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Most of our work comes in the form of simply putting back what nature and age has taken away.  Thin lips are very ageing and strategically and tastefully placed filler can give your face a much younger appearance.  In fact, people are always surprised to learn that Lorena’s lips have filler.

Can we do the celebrity look?  Of course we can but we like to think of lip fillers as part of a good anti ageing routine rather than a celebrity craze.

We will always start lips with only 1ML of product, we feel that it’s better to build things up gradually.

If you’re considering lip fillers it’s best to book in an appointment so that we may discuss your situation.