Permanent Makeup compliments our contemporary lifestyles. These days it’s impossible to avoid the stress of hectic schedules. Nevertheless, we want to be able to look our best with minimal effort.

Semi Permanent Make Up allows you to do just that. Imagine waking up every morning as if you had just applied your make up!

The art of Micro pigmentation can be used for procedures ranging from cosmetic to medical.



Our Services include:



Correction / Removal

Its important to remember that Permanent Makeup is an art form and you need to choose a technician that is able to deliver the sort of style that you’re looking for.  Our technicians are very experienced in this delicate procedure.  Their strength is in being able to re create a natural eyebrow.  They have trained medically on cancer and alopecia sufferers and continues to perform this treatment with a view to RECONSTRUCT a natural eyebrow rather than create a glamour brow.

Tattooed Eyebrows

Click on photo to read what Lizzie says about Lorena’s brows.

For this reason we encourage you to read about the semi permanent makeup process and consultation as well as have a look through our album of tattooed eyebrows before and after pictures.

Lorena Oberg is also known internationally for her correction of semi permanent makeup where she uses various techniques to remove the pigment from skin in order to correct work that has gone wrong.