Demand in America and Other parts of the world for reliable Tattoo Removal Training, and more importantly, for removal of Permanent Makeup has brought Lorena to hold regular classes in New Orleans and other parts of the world.

For decades lasers have been sold to professionals with Manufacturer’s Training which covers primarily how to use your machine. However, professionals have been given very little information as to how to safely remove tattoos from the body. Worse, very few professionals have been taught the art form of removing Permanent Makeup, also known as Micropigmentation and Scalp Micropigmentation. Professionals are finding themselves turning away business on a daily basis by not being able to provide these services.

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This has meant that Medical Laser Professionals have had to travel to London to train with Lorena. Lorena has developed the techniques that she teaches herself. She is a true pioneer in her industry and more importantly, none of her students has ever been successfully sued. Lorena is asked to speak and teach all over the world and is recognised in the permanent makeup industry as the go to person. Lorena’s techniques require less power, fewer sessions which translates to healthier skin. Using Lorena’s techniques you will get the most out of your laser, with less scaring and less hypo-pigmentation.

You can see Lorena’s contribution to the British Aesthetic Medical Journal here.

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How are Lorena’s techniques different? She understands the three fundamentals better than anyone else. The Laser, The Skin and the Ink or Pigments. In her class you will learn.

  • All lasers are not created equal and how the most expensive lasers are not necessarily he lasers you need in your clinic.
  • How the skin reacts to different lasers and pigments.
  • Molecule size of pigments and Inks and what lasers target which and why it’s important to use the right lasers.
  • Colors and how different lasers and wavelengths read these.
  • What lasers to use at what point of the removal process and why.
  • How to remove Permanent Makeup and Microblading safely.
  • How to safely remove Scalp Micropigmentation.
  • How to remove natural melanin and pigmentation (age spots)
  • How to use your laser to prepare a scalp that has signs of age in order to create a better canvas.
  • The use of Titanium Dioxide, what it is and how this needs to be removed.
  • Skin, we will cover removal on Fitzpatrick 5 and 6. What can be done safely and how.
  • We will talk about non laser methods and why these should be used in conjunction with lasers, there will be a one day class available on these methods after ours.
  • After this class you will be able to take a further class on Eyeliner Tattoo Removal as well as the Non Laser Removal Class.
  • Our courses carry a level 5 and 7 UK accreditation with CPD credits.
  • You will be required to complete an online Laser Core of Knowledge.
  • Taking this class gives you access to Lorena for follow up questions and her expertise for the length of your career. We pride ourselves on this aspect of our training.
Eyeliner Tattoo Removal

Although your motivation for training with us should never be a financial one. We understand that professionals have a business to run. This class is a way to make the most of the investment you have made in the form of a laser. Often clinics are to scared to use it and therefore the asset goes to waste. You will leave us confident in your abilities.

The class is two days hands on with models. These classes are designed for those that already have lasers in their clinics. We do not cover any aspects of the individual legalities for the use of lasers in you individual jurisdiction. The laser eye liner removal class is a further day of training.

Prices –

2 Day Fundamental Training with Lorena covering the above $4000

Non Laser Removal Class with Carole De Zan $1200. To be booked with here

1 Day laser removal of Eyeliner, including full set of shields $5500