weight loss injectionsWhat is this miracle weight loss drug everyone is talking about?  Saxenda has become the go to drug for weight loss due to it’s results.

Saxenda is not actually a miracle cure, please do not expect to loose weight unless you’re willing to change your diet.  The math is simple, to loose a pound of FAT you need to burn 3000 calories and the average active person burns 2500 calories a day through daily activity.   For some of us (Lorena included) these numbers don’t add up and our weight remains difficult to loose EVEN when we have a healthy lifestyle.  It is these cases that Saxenda is perfect for.

Saxenda is an injection that you administer daily at home.  Don’t worry, it’s easy!  Saxenda works like a hormone that the body naturally produces that regulate appetite.  It also helps with metabolism in order to burn fat more effectively.  The combination of these two factors means that the scale begins to move in the right direction.  It’s a wonderful feeling to have control over ones weight.

You will need to have a consultation where we will take your weight and height.  Saxenda is only prescribed to those with a BMI of 27 or above so if you’re under this, we will not be able to see you.

We can see you at both our Caterham and Harley Street clinics.  We hold weight loss clinics in Caterham every Wednesday and Harley Street is by appointment.

To download the Saxenda data sheet, click here.