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Toddler Ear Piercing – The Process

If you’re thinking of having your toddler’s ears pierced there is a lot that you need to consider. This post will give you some crucial information that will allow you to make an informed decision. Ear piercing young is largely a cultural practice, and whilst it has a lot of backlash in some cultures, it

Natural Dermal Filler Offer – London

Regular price £250 per ml. Offer Price £395 for 3ml and £125 for each additional ml when used on the same treatment. The goal of this offer is to make a full facial rejuvenation using dermal fillers affordable. We specialise doing natural fillers on over 40s, both men and women. As we age we lose

How are non surgical facelifts performed?

Non surgical facelifts are done using a combination of techniques and no two faces are alike. It’s important to realise that one treatment will not be enough to achieve the results in the picture. Often when people come to me, they have different areas that need to be addressed. To give you an idea, any

Can Microblading Be Removed Completely?

Microblading removal has become more difficult than ever. With over 18 years experience, here is where you will get the truth! The fact is that it’s going to be down to the pigments that were used on you and sadly, if your microblading was done in the past 4 years, chances are high that you

My Permanent Makeup is not fading. Why?

Permanent makeup pigments and techniques have changed drastically in the last 5 years with new, more permanent pigments coming into the market. Laser permanent makeup removal has now become a necessary treatment in the never ending process of microblading removal and top ups. I have made a video explaining why PMU is more stable and

My £8 Skin Care Regime that WORKS

My colleagues laugh at me for using these £8 creams and as long as my skin is better than theirs they can laugh away! I have never believed in expensive creams. I prefer to put my money into Dermal Fillers that will actually nourish my skin and give my face structure.

Permanent Makeup /Microblading Removal of Yellow Pigment

With new pigments coming into the market, Permanent makeup removal and Microblading Removal is becoming far more difficult than even before. This video explains how we’re doing this and what realistic expectations should be. You can book a free video consultation here. Follow Lorena on Instagram, TikTok and Facebook under Lorena Oberg Skincare.