All of our lasers come with a one year manufacturer defect warranty.  Lasers are tested before and during training.  Our students will train on their own lasers.  This results on the student being familiar with their machines and also allows us to catch any defects before the final delivery.  In the rare event that there is a problem AFTER you take possession your laser, we service them in our Caterham location at no cost.

Lasers are then serviced every year and lamps changed as needed.

If your laser needs to be repaired, we may also be able to help.

Some of the brands that we can service and fix are (we can fix most brands)

  •  Ultrapulse
  • All White
  • Cosmetika
  • Honkon
  • Kes Biology

We also service lasers from other manufacturers. This is an option for those that have bought second hand machines and need them serviced to comply with insurance regulations.

The machines we service can vary so if you have a tattoo removal laser from another manufacturer, please get in touch.

We also supply carbon paste for facials, spare tips and safety glasses.

Shipping of the laser to us is done at your expense but you can use our discounted shipping rates.  Please call us for details.