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Baby Ear Piercing London

Baby Ear Piercing London

We offer baby ear piercing for children and toddlers.

Our baby ear piercing is done by our medically trained staff in our council inspected private facilities.

In many cultures this is a right of passage and we are sensitive to our client’s cultural needs and expectations.

Baby ear piercing is far more delicate than piercing older children.  We pierce in our private D1 council inspected clinical rooms where we can make mother and child comfortable.

Children need to have had their second immunisations before we are able to carry out the procedure. Please leave a week from the last jab to your booking.

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What makes us different is that we pierce babies with a specialised piercing instrument that’s equivalent to piercing with a needle and therefore it causes minimal trauma to the young ear.

We have a wide choice of mini ear studs in gold, stainless steel and titanium.

This procedure is only done by Lorena Oberg herself and you can expect to be with us for an hour.  The piercing takes seconds but the process of making the child and the parent comfortable can take time.  Lorena is extremely experienced in this field and regularly pierces young Princesses and Celebrities.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is it ok to pierce a 2 year old’s ears? Whilst piercing a toddler can be done, it will depend on Lorena being able to build enough trust with the child for her to be able to take the necessary steps. Usually, if a child refuses to allow us to put the numbing cream on her ears the piercing process will not be able to proceed. Lorena does not hold children down. The goal is to make the experience tear free but toddlers often don’t understand what is happening and are frightful. This is specially the case if they have been elsewhere for a piercing that has gone wrong. As a parent you know your child better than anyone and we ask you to make the call. However, the minute a child says NO, the procedure is over.
  2. What is the best age to get a baby’s ear pierced? From experience we believe 3 to 9 months is the optimal age. At this age they don’t register what’s going on and don’t fight it. Children over a year old may say NO which means we need to stop the treatment.
  3. Will my paediatrician pierce my baby’s ears? In the UK the answer is NO. Lorena found this out the hard way when her daughter was born and this is the reason she offers this treatment. In a way that she would have liked for her own child.


The NHS has information about piercings that will help you make an informed decision here.


The Baby Ear Piercing Process

Lorena works with your child and uses distraction techniques in order to pierce.  She does not partake in the practice of holding the child down as this distresses them.  Instead, she distract you child using YouTube videos or anything that may work.  Please bring familiar books and toys that you know your child likes.

We recommend the use of numbing cream.  We apply the cream half an hour before the treatment.  This will make the procedure painless.  

Although we can’t guarantee that your child won’t cry, we can guarantee that every step will be taken to make sure that the procedure is done with minimum discomfort to both child and parent.

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Come Meet Us

Baby ear piercing is a skill that requires years of experience.  We are very proud of being able to provide a safe and sanitary environment for your child.  We welcome parents inspecting our facilities before making a decision.

As Lorena lectures internationally, booking an appointment in advance is crucial.  You can look at her availability for this treatment and book by using the BOOK ONLINE button.


Price from £250 (price includes studs, disinfectant solution and numbing cream).  Solid 14K gold studs are £50 additional.

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