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Best Dermal Fillers in London? That’s a big claim! Dermal Fillers is where science meets artistry to redefine beauty. This is specially true when you start your journey of rejuvenation after 40. Whether you’re considering using Dermal Fillers for lip enhancement, refined cheekbones, or a liquid facelift. Lorena performs these revolutionary cosmetic treatments aimed at rejuvenating and enhancing your natural beauty. We will answer all your questions and provide valuable insights into what dermal fillers can do for you.

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So why this outlandish claim? According to our clients is because Lorena knows when to STOP. Specially during your yearly follow up visits, if you don’t need any more she will just ask you to come back in six months or very conservatively fine tune.

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Understanding the Reason for Dermal Fillers in our London Clinic

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Dermal fillers are cosmetic treatments designed to add volume to the face, addressing issues such as thin lips, wrinkles, and sagging skin. Fillers are a favourite treatment of Lorena because of the instant results that it brings. Imagine coming in for a one hour appointment and looking 5 years younger, healthy and rested. to achieve natural-looking results. Lorena’s “liquid facelift” using dermal fillers are the most effective way to make a noticeable and instant difference.

Precision Transformations with Dermal Fillers:

Explore the versatility of dermal fillers as they address specific facial concerns:

  • Lip Fillers: Enhancing your natural lip is very different to volumising an already well proportioned lip. Lorena’s biggest challenge is getting over 40’s to allow her to inject lip filler. With so many people abusing lip fillers to make their lips look obvious and overdone (not at our clinic), and those that want to look natural are very apprehensive of this procedure. Soft natural and supple lips is our trademark.
  • Chin Fillers: Weak chins can be genetic or a results of loss of volume after 40. Chin fillers a minimally invasive alternative with results lasting up to two years. The chin defines the profile and structure of the face.
  • Cheek Fillers: If you have a limited budget use it on Cheek Fillers. Restoring plumpness to the cheeks instantly gives the face structure. Cheeks will lift the nasal labial folds, pull the jowls and make you look rested. Lorena generally starts with cheeks because it gives us a wonderful baseline to work from.
  • Under Eye (Tear Through) Dermal Fillers: Tear trough fillers address eye bags, dark circles, and create a brighter, less hollowed appearance around the eyes. This gives you a brighter, more vibrant look and rested look.
  • Temple Filler: The temples is one of the first places where you will loose volume. Rarely is this area addressed but it’s extremely important in order to correct the skull look that shows our age.
  • Crow’s Feet, Nasolabial Folds, Marionette Lines: These areas should be looked at as a part of the overall treatment. These are the areas that Lorena does at the end of a full facelift in order to balance everything out.
  • Jowls: Jowls are everyone’s battle. For jowls, we sometimes need to combine fillers with other techniques such as PDO Threads and Fat Dissolving Injections.
  • Jawline: This is a very important treatment when we do Male Dermal Fillers. Most women over 40 do also benefit from a more subtle jawline filler.

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Our expertise:

Lorena has been in the beauty industry 15+ and her expertise doing facial rejuvenation is well coveted among the public and celebrities alike. Her commitment to safety, patient satisfaction, and the pursuit of a natural, elegant aesthetic has become her trademark. She truly does deliver the best dermal fillers in London. Her commitment to furthering her education through seminars and specialised trainings gives her a broad view to facial solutions.

The Longevity and Safety:

Dermal Fillers usually last between 12 to 24 months, contingent on factors such as filler type, quantity, and individual characteristics. People that exercise a lot will metabolise fillers more quickly. A higher metabolism will cost you in filler duration. We only use CE-marked fillers for your safety and quality. The important thing to understand is that if you come to our clinic for top ups every 6 to 8 months, we will tweek just enough to keep the fresh look going and you will never go back to the baseline of when you came in.

Dermal Fillers and Their Placement

It's a lot more comfortable than you may think. Lorena's pain management tends to be very good and she has all kinds of techniques and tricks to make you comfortable.
You can expect tenderness, swelling, redness, and pain depending on your individual tendencies. These can be controlled with post-care advice. Symptoms will take 7 to 14 to fully go. Filler will settle after 2 weeks. Only then will you be able to see what your filler looks like without swelling. This swelling is rarely noticeable though.
Lorena has a preference of doing big jobs a little at a time. This allows the swelling to settle before putting more filler in. Also, this way the change happens gradually without anyone noticing anything other than...Wow...you look so well!
Absolutely NOT. Our fillers are dissolvable and will eventually be metabolised by your body. Permanent fillers sound like a convenient concept but your face will change over time and the fillers you have at 35 will be different from what you need at 50. Not only that but permanent fillers have been proven to create a huge array of problems.
Fillers are injected in such a way that they become a part of your overall facial structure. However, lumps can happen and a quick visit back after 2 weeks will resolve any problems. Lorena keeps in close touch and is very approachable. She wants to hear about anything that you may not be 100% happy with.
They will notice that you look well, rested and refreshed and they may press you to give them your secret. Dermal Fillers should not be obvious. If you can tell that a person has had filler it was done wrong and not by us.
This really depends on the area that we're treating. Lips generally require 1ml, Cheeks 3ml, Chin 1ml, Temples 2ml, Tear Through 1ml, Jawline 3ml

Are Dermal Fillers Right for You?

We can not treat you if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding.

How to book

Prices are £200 per ml. We have a filler offer for Models for £450 for 3ml.

You can find more information about our

If you’re looking for the best dermal fillers in London, we encourage you to book a free video consultation where Lorena will be able to give you a specific treatment price and firm prices.

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