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Lorena Oberg is a world renowned tattoo removal and anti ageing expert.  Having grown frustrated with the options available to those that are unhappy with their Permanent Makeup, she set out to find her own solution. 

Her aim was to develop safe an effective technique to safely fade and remove Permanent Makeup Pigments, which are fundamentally different to tattoo inks.  She is currently the only person that has created and teaches an accredited course for laser tattoo removal of eyeliner. 

Lorena now teaches her specialised techniques for both body tattoos and permanent makeup worldwide.  She is a regular contributor to Medical Journals and Industry Press as well as being a regular on international television.   Her in depth knowledge of lasers, pigments and skin, translates to fantastic results with minimal skin damage.  You can see her speaking at conferences all over the world. 

Lorena has developed DermaEraze, a highly effective treatment for stretch marks and scars including self harm scars.

Lorena has been doing Aesthetic work for over 15 years with her non surgical face lifts being one of her cornerstone treatments. Her ability to turn the clock back 10 years in the most natural of ways has become her trademark.

Lorena has truly become an award winning professionals trusted by everyone including celebrities.

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