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Chin filler augmentation in London before and afters

About Chin Filler Treatment:

Ideal for those with a recessive or poorly-defined chin, our non-surgical chin augmentation is a safe and effective alternative to surgery. Chin filler is also very useful when doing a full facial rejuvenation after 40 to even out proportions. Often, chin filler is used in conjunction with jawline filler specially when working on Male Facial Enhancement . During your consultation, we will discuss the right shape for your chin and determine the amount of filler required. The injection, utilises high-quality hyaluronic acid to enhance volume, tighten skin, and smooth out lines.

Who is Chin Filler Suitable For?

Chin fillers are suitable for those with a ‘weak’ short, retracted chin. Both men and women benefit from enhanced chin aesthetics, achieving a more balanced and attractive profile.

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Chin Filler Enhancement Benefits:

  • Stronger, defined face contour
  • Improved facial symmetry
  • Tightened sagging skin
  • Non-surgical treatment
  • Smoothed lower face wrinkles like marionette lines
  • Overall improvement of facial proportion and definition in the lower face
  • Lift for sagging lower face and undefined jawline
  • A more defined, stronger jaw for both males and females
  • Treatment for a ‘weak’ retracted chin, creating a balanced and attractive profile
  • Increase the length and projection of the chin
  • Reduce chin creases and improve the chin’s overall appearance
  • Adjust the width of the chin for a balanced look
  • Address dips, Marionette creases, and chin dimples
  • Provide natural-looking results, complementing overall facial rejuvenation

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Treatment for Men:

Chin and jawline filler for men is tailored for men seeking a defined jawline and improved facial shape. From a chiselled jawline to subtle enhancements, our personalised treatment plans cater to your preference.

Which Filler Products Work Best for Chin Augmentation?

Chins require a stable filler that will retain it’s shape. We use the highest quality filler that will give you stable results and also last longer.

Why Choose Lorena for Chin Filler?

  • Leading cosmetic practitioner with extensive experience
  • Use of premium dermal fillers for optimal results
  • Minimal-bruising injection technique to reduce downtime
  • Award-winning International Lecturer
  • Accessible locations in London with transparent pricing
  • Conservative attitude towards fillers
  • Expert follow up and aftercare
  • Fast and effective treatment for jowls, double chin, or weak chin
  • Minimal downtime and quick recovery compared to surgery
  • Instant, natural-looking results without a scalpel
  • Reversible treatment for complete control
  • Bespoke treatment plans tailored to individual needs
  • Can be combined with fat dissolving injections.

Is Chin Filler Treatment Painful?

Pain perception varies, but our face fillers, containing Lidocaine, which minimise discomfort. Numbing cream ensures a comfortable experience during the procedure.

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How Long Does Treatment Last?

Non-surgical chin augmentation can last up to 18 months. The longevity varies, influenced by individual factors like metabolic rate, lifestyle choices, and sun exposure. We see that those that spend a lot of time at the gym tend to metabolise fillers faster.

Are Injectable Chin Fillers Safe?

Dermal Fillers is an area that does carry risks. We use CE-marked dermal fillers, administered only by Lorena who is highly experienced and obsessive about safety and after treatment follow up.

Procedure Duration and Results:

The procedure only takes 15 to 30 minutes but you need to give a full hour to have a detailed consultation. We run on time (most of the time) so you won’t be kept waiting and can therefore schedule it during your lunch hour. You will have instant results that can last up to 18 months. With minimal downtime.

We may also discuss fillers in other areas during your consultation, such as:

Chin Filler Post-Treatment Care:

Minor side effects such as swelling, redness, or bruising may occur (rarely) but typically fade after 2-7 days.


Book a free consultation video consultation on line with Lorena. She has over 15 years experience and will discuss your goals. You will receive personalised advice, and create a unique treatment plan tailored to your needs.

Chin Augmentation Cost:

Chin filler costs start at £250 for 1ml (plenty in most cases), in accordance our commitment to offering top-quality treatments at affordable prices.

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