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Microblading Removal of eyebrows has become a necessity given the popularity that this procedure has gained. Many unreliable training classes have emerged that promise to train people with no previous experience. This has led to put blades in dangerous hands. The volume of bad work coming in for microblading removal has grown ten fold in the past 5 years.  

We specialise in the removal of microblading, performing hundreds of procedures every month. Lorena is credited with pioneering the techniques that are now known as best practice. She’s an international speaker on the subject.

The Importance of Choosing the Correct Microblading Removal Method

Countless ‘quick fixes’ and ‘at-home remedies’ flood the online space. It’s crucial to understand that, of all available removal methods, laser removal stands out as the quickest and safest option. However, this is not always the best way forward. In some cases, non laser microblading removal methods are a better option. This will be discussed with you on the consultation according to your individual needs. A test patch will often be required before knowing exactly what route to take.

You can see more microblading before and after photos here.

Is Microblading a Tattoo?

Often people are told that microblading is not a Tattoo.  This is not true.  Microbading is possibly one of the oldest forms of tattooing dating back over 2000 years.  If done correctly it sits in the epidermis and will fade in six months to a year. However, if done deep, it will be a permanent tattoo and that’s where we can help. This is where Eyebrow Tattoo Removal Helps.

What is the difference between Microblading and Machine PMU?

Machine tattooing is far gentler than using a Microblading blade. When Microblading became popular around 10 years ago, many experienced PMU artists jumped to using blades. The bladers made thin strokes that were easily achievable even by inexperienced artist. As time passed, the industry soon began to see that Microblading scars far more than a PMU machine. Slowly, the industry has moved back to the safety of machine tattooing. Microblading does have a place in the industry and most experience artists use both techniques to achieve the most realistic results.


Can You Remove Microblading at Home?

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No, well kind of no. Full microblading removal at home is not possible, nor is eyebrow tattoo removal. DIY methods for permanent makeup removal are often invasive and damaging, particularly for sensitive facial skin. Even manufactured microblading removal creams, similar to tattoo removal creams, are unlikely to be effective. However, if you have just had microblading done, and you hate it or it has been done badly, you can use fine sea salt to get as much of the ink out as possible as an emergency.

Does Saline Microblading Removal Work?

Saline removal involves injecting a saline solution into the microbladed area to break down and draw out tattoo ink. While it may fade the ink, this approach can be painful. With a longer healing process and potential delays between sessions. Moreover, it’s unlikely to completely remove microblading. Having said that, it does have a place in the removal game and we need to use it more and more thanks to the new pigments in the market.

Lasers for Microblading Removal

Lorena became very frustrated with the laser that were available. Lasers were made for the body and extremely aggressive on the face. Lorena worked with manufacturers to custom make a laser for the face. Our laser operates at lower energy levels, ensuring less pain and reduced downtime between treatments.

Can You Completely Remove Microblading?

No it’s not. Complete microblading removal is never possible. However, we can remove most of it to the point where it’s no longer visible. Removing 100% of the ink particles is extremely difficult and no one can guarantee it. An undetectable amount of ink particles will always remain.

Is Fading the Microblading Possible

Fading a microblading tattoo involves lightening the tattoo, often requiring fewer laser sessions. This is very useful when your microblading shape is good but years of top ups have saturated the colour. Time will help fade microbading where it will turn grey or red. This is not a problem from a removal point of view.

Laser Microblading Removal: Procedure and Considerations

Laser removal dissolves pigment. You can in most cases see results from the first treatment . The procedure can be less effective for reddish and yellowish pigments. This requires careful consideration for individuals with darker skin tones. Most brows are removed in between 3 and 5 treatments although many go in one or two treatments.

Is Laser Microblading Removal Painful?

The procedure is uncomfortable but generally over in 5 minutes. It’s semi invasive and can lead to scabbing, redness, bruising, and potential hair bleaching. The healing process includes symptoms like swelling, tenderness, and flaking.

Will laser microblading removal kill my eyebrow hair?

In the short term, your eyebrow hair will become white in some areas although we do our best to save it. In the long term, you eyebrow hair follicles will be stimulated. You will have increased hair growth in a month. This is due to our custom specialised facial laser as well as the skill of the practitioner.

The Microblading Removal Consultation

During your consultation we will walk you through all your options.  We will take you through all the Microblading Eyebrow Removal techniques available to you. We will test patch you and give you a chance to think over all of the information.

Microblading Removal Aftercare

  • Please note that redness, blistering and scabbing are normal reactions to these treatments.
  • The treated area will be sore and tender.
  • Keep dry for 24 hours.
  • Use the aftercare ointment you were given 3 times a day after the 24 hours dry period.
  • Clean the area with water only, do not use soaps.
  • Do not cover the area.
  • If you suspect infection or if you have any concerns, we urge you to send us a photo immediately.
  • If you have any queries or feel your procedure is not healing as explained, call us immediately.
  • Infection for Tattoos is common, please call immediately if you think there could be a problem

You can make an appointment to see us by clicking the Book Now button here or on upper right hand of this site or you may call us on 0800 002 9696.  We look forward to welcoming to discuss the best way forward for your removal process.

Price per treatment with Lorena: £350

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