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Does Permanent Makeup (Microblading) Fade Completely?

The use of the term SEMI Permanent Makeup has created a lot of confusion in among those that have had the procedure done. Permanent Makeup does fade, but in very few cases it fades completely. When I was trained (I no longer do PMU and now stick to removal) we were told that it would fade, categorically, no question, it was SEMI PERMANENT. This is simply not true. There are many reasons for the rate of fading.

  1. The type of pigment used – The composition of the pigment has a lot to do with the fade rate. Some pigments are less stable, for instance Carbon based pigments. However, this is only part of the puzzle. I have seen many eyeliners that are carbon based and have been safely in place for 20 plus years. This is because of the technique used to implant the pigment. As a general rule, the lighter the colour the more likely it is to fade completely. So if you’re a blond you are likely to need to have your brows topped up every few years whilst us brunettes will always be left with a shadow with a bluish tint after a few years. It is just the nature of the beast.

2. How deeply it was implanted by the artist – This is the single most relevant factor of how much your Permanent Makeup will fade. If the artist is light handed, it is likely to fade a lot more than if the artist was heavy handed. This is because pigment that has been implanted into the dermis is likely to make a comfy home there and not wish to budge. This is why tattoos in general are permanent. However, if the pigment is implanted into the top layer of the Dermis, it is likely to be, with time, exfoliated away and be more susceptible to fading due to normal sun exposure.

The method used to implant the pigment – The method has a lot to do with how deep the pigment can be implanted. The more experienced that a tech is the more light handed that they become. I have found that those using manual tools such a microblading tend to implant the pigment quite superficially, whilst a new tech on a machine can go much deeper.

If you’re on this blog looking to have your permanent makeup removed, I invite you to have a look at my Permanent Makeup Removal Page. If you are not in London, do drop us a line as I train all over the world and can sometimes point you in the direction of one of my students whom are all mini Lorenas.

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