Lorena Oberg

Permanent Makeup Removal (PMU)

Permanent Makeup Removal, also known as micropigmentation or microblading, can be removed using laser and non laser techniques. We’re Permanent Makeup Removal experts covering the areas of eyebrows, eyeliner and lips.  Lorena lectures at permanent makeup conferences all over the world and is widely considered the world leader in this field.  We perform thousands of removals every year.  Having pioneered the techniques now known as BEST PRACTICE, no one has more experience removing pigment from the face.

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When permanent make up goes wrong, the consequences can be dire. The reasons for wanting removal or correction of permanent make up can vary from bad work to simply not feeling comfortable with the results.

Permanent Makeup Removal Before & After
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Our Permanent Makeup Removal Expertise

This sort of work requires the most up to date equipment as well as expertise in healing and scar management. When work is done on the face, there is no room for error.  Our lasers are gentle enough so that the hair follicle is not damaged.  Please see examples of this in our Permanent Makeup Before and After page.  

Lorena Oberg is considered the world leader in this field, and tours internationally lecturing at Permanent Makeup Conferences.   She has been featured in the national and international press.  Below is video of Lorena doing a live demonstration on Lebanese television.

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Tattoo Lip Liner RemovalHow we remove Permanent Makeup

We are able to remove and correct semi permanent make up. We use a combination of techniques ranging from the Q Switched ND:Yag laser to non laser techniques such as Rejuvi, saline or glycolic removal in order to correct and/or remove the pigment.

Correction of tattooed eyeliner and eyeliner migration is particularly delicate.  More information on removal of eyeliner and migration here.

We have years of experience and have done hundreds of procedures to date with excellent results.  We have been featured in the national press as a result.

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Every permanent makeup removal case is different and we will be able to assess you and give you an idea of what needs to be done and what sort of time frame it will take to achieve the desired results.

Correction of lip liner can also be done.

We will have a full fact finding consultation, in order
to ascertain which course of action is best for each individual. The sort of ink that is used can vary from professional to professional on the basis of what kind of pigment was used, where the tattoo was done, when was it done etc etc


We are also able to remove eye liner and migration.  This is a very delicate procedure with only a handful of people offering it world wide.  We’re insured to perform this procedure and have vast experience in doing so, in fact, we do it daily.

Laser Tattoo Eyeliner Removal

Prices for eyebrow removal £350 per session and eyeliner £650 per session.  You will need a full consultation where we can approximate the amount of treatments.

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