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Permanent Makeup (PMU) Removal, also known as micropigmentation or microblading removal, can undergo PMU removal using both laser and non-laser techniques. We’re Permanent Makeup Removal experts covering the areas of eyebrows, eyeliner and lips.  Lorena, considered the world leader in the field, lectures at permanent makeup conferences worldwide.  We perform thousands of removals every year.  Pioneering the techniques now known as BEST PRACTICE, we have unparalleled experience in removing pigment from the face.

Why Permanent Makeup (PMU) Removal?

Over the last decade, permanent makeup has witnessed a surge in popularity, becoming a go-to beauty enhancement option. However, as the demand for these procedures increases, so does the need for removal or correction due to instances of poor technique and colour choices.

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  1. Emergency Removals: A Critical Need for Expertise

The rise of poorly trained microblading practitioners has led to a concerning increase in requests for emergency removals, especially for brows. Acknowledging the urgency and emotional impact, clinics now offer specialised removal procedures within the first 48 hours. Non laser removal techniques like Glycolic Acid and Saline removal protocols exhibit up to an impressive 80% success rate in the first session, ensuring swift and effective results.

Protecting the Skin During Permanent Makeup (PMU) Removal

The emphasis is on protecting the skin during removal, followed by laser methods for further fading once the skin has healed. It’s important to understand that any kind of non laser removal will be more aggressive than laser so this is when the expertise and experience of the technician is most important. Lorena, with nearly 20 years of experience in this field, is credited with pioneering many of the removal techniques now acknowledged as best practice in the industry.

Lasers and Equipment in Permanent Makeup (PMU) Removal

This sort of work requires the most up to date equipment as well as expertise in healing and scar management. There is no room for error when performing work on the face.  Our lasers ensure gentleness to prevent damage to the hair follicle.  Please see examples of this in our Permanent Makeup Before and After page.  

Laser Removal: Precision and Effectiveness

Laser permanent makeup (PMU)removal, utilising the Q-switched Nd:YAG laser, emerges as a powerful tool for very dark and heavily pigmented brows and eyeliners. Contrary to common misconceptions, this laser is not the same laser used for hair removal. It’s exceptionally safe for use on brows and eyeliners when used by a tattoo removal expert. It stands out as a fast-track removal option, offering less downtime compared to other methods. We employ laser removal for various purposes, including “colour switching”. Addressing concerns like brows turning red or ashy is part of removing tattooed brows. It’s important to note that laser, when used by an experience professional, does not affect hair growth, in fact, it stimulates it.

Lorena Oberg: Pioneering a Multi-Disciplinary Solution

Lorena Oberg has specialised as the UK’s premier clinic. Offering a unique multi-disciplinary permanent makeup lightening and removal service. Whether using a custom-built laser or a non-laser solution, our approach is tailored to individual skin types, pigment colours, and placement depths.

Non Laser Tattoo Removal Methods

Speaking from extensive experience, most non laser methods, essentially, work in the same way and do the same thing. You would have heard of tattoo removal creams, glycolic, saline, and clay removal. Technicians use the method the feel most comfortable with and get good results with. It may be very tempting to try removal at home, however, the potential problems that can result is not worth the risk. This is your face, leave it to a qualified professional. The emotional impact of regrettable permanent makeup is great, this is not the time to leave it to chance, specially if you have a darker skin tone which requires a higher level of expertise.

Lorena Oberg, recognised as the world leader in this field, tours internationally, delivering lectures at Permanent Makeup Conferences.

National and international press have featured her.  Below is video of Lorena doing a live demonstration on Lebanese television.

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We are able to remove and correct permanent make up. We use a combination of techniques ranging from the Q Switched ND:Yag laser to non laser techniques such as Rejuvi, saline or glycolic removal in order to correct and/or remove the pigment.

Correction of tattooed eyeliner and eyeliner migration is particularly delicate.  More information on removal of eyeliner and migration here.

We have years of experience and have done hundreds of procedures to date with excellent results.  We have been featured in the national press as a result. Lorena has written he only Level Six Accredited for Eyeliner Removal Training.

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Every eyebrow tattoo removal case is unique. We assess your situation, providing insights into the required procedures and the anticipated time frame for achieving desired results.

Correction of lip liner can also be done.

We will have a full fact finding consultation, in order
to ascertain which course of action is best for each individual. The type of ink used may vary among professionals based on factors such as pigment type, tattoo location, and timing.


We are also able to remove eye liner and migration.  This is a very delicate procedure with only a handful of people offering it world wide.  We are insured to perform this procedure and possess vast daily experience in doing so. In fact, we perform it daily.

You can find more information about permanent makeup removal from the NHS HERE.

Prices for eyebrow removal £350 per session and eyeliner £650 per session.  You will need a full consultation where we can approximate the amount of treatments.

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