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Menopause is a hot topic these days. Yet, when I started Menopause, now 15 years ago, the information available was entirely contradictory. Finding Menopause counselling was…well…impossible. information,even today, has become a chore of trying to separate fact from fiction.

I guess that I was lucky in that working in the Aesthetic industry I knew something was very wrong with how my body was reacting at the tender age of 40. This wasn’t Peri Menopause, this was overnight full menopause. I went to my NHS general practitioner that ran a blood test and confirmed that I was indeed in full menapouse.

He then offered Synthetic HRT and I accepted. It made me feel worse than before, the weight gain was overnight, and so I went off of it. Thank GOODNESS for that because we now understand what Synthetic HRT will do to our bodies.

One of my colleagues saw me on the Street and pulled me in to his clinic, did full blood tests and put me on very expensive Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy. Back then, this was cutting edge and even the British Menopause Society was against it because these hormones, that were compounded for my specific body, apparently were not regulated to they advised women to stay off them and go for the synthetic HRT. All of these years later, our NHS has Bio Identical Hormones available to EVERY WOMAN. We even get an NHS Prepayment Certificate for £19.30 A YEAR! This is the NHS giving every woman the right of health.

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Are you confused yet? Let me add to the confusion. Oestrogen is not the only hormone that we need as we transition into our golden years. If we want to feel well, we need to optimise our bodies to what they were at a younger age.

I often get compliments at the fact that I look and act 15 years younger than my age. What people don’t see is that this an integral longevity lifestyle that will ensure that I am in good health well into my 90’s.

So why should you have a consultation with me despite the fact that I’m not a medical doctor and can’t prescribe hormones? Because I will arm you with so much information that you will be able to go to your doctor ready to fight for your rights with the knowledge that will give you health. You will be able to check with someone that has cracked the code so that you’re doing what is best for YOU.

A half an hour consultation, done by video link is £125. One hour is £200, but I would encourage you to book a free 10 minute video consultation with me to see if I’m the right fit for you.

If you live outside of the UK, you will be able to take this information to your doctor and or insurance company.

Knowledge is power and health

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