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Stretchmarks can impact one’s confidence, prompting individuals to explore a myriad of treatments. In the realm of skincare, DermaEraze Stretch Marks Removal Treatment in London stands out as a revolutionary and effective solution. DermaEraze has been created by Lorena Oberg and it gives results that have never been see before.

What Are Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks, also known as striae, are visible lines that can develop on the skin’s surface. They often appear as parallel streaks, ranging from pink to purple and eventually fading to a silvery-white hue. These lines form due to the skin stretching beyond its usual capacity, causing the collagen and elastin fibers to rupture.

Common Causes of Stretch Marks

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  1. Rapid Growth: Adolescence and pregnancy are prime times for rapid growth, leading to the formation of stretch marks.
  2. Pregnancy: The expanding belly during pregnancy can cause stretch marks on the abdomen.
  3. Weight Fluctuations: Sudden weight gain or loss can result in the skin stretching or contracting, leaving behind these marks.
  4. Hormonal Changes: Hormonal shifts, especially during puberty, pregnancy, or certain medical conditions, can contribute to their formation.
  5. Genetic Predisposition: Some individuals are genetically prone to developing stretch marks.

The Stretch Mark Spectrum: Types and Identification

Striae Rubrae vs. Striae Albae

  1. Striae Rubrae (Red Stretch Marks): These are newly formed stretch marks, typically exhibiting a red or purple hue. This indicates an active phase of stretching and provides an opportunity for effective at home treatment.
  2. Striae Albae (White Stretch Marks): Over time, red stretch marks transform into white or silver lines, signifying a more mature stage. Perfect for DermaEraze Stretch Marks Removal Treatment. These are the stretch marks that we can treat with success.

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Common Areas of Occurrence

  1. Abdomen: Stretch marks commonly manifest on the abdomen, especially during pregnancy or significant weight changes.
  2. Thighs and Hips: Rapid growth or weight fluctuations can result in stretch marks in these areas. These stretchmarks reacts extremely well to DermaEraze Stretch Marks Removal Treatment.
  3. Breasts: Stretch marks may appear during puberty and pregnancy, impacting the breast area. This is also an area where we see fantastic results with DermaEraze.
  4. Upper Arms: Individuals experiencing rapid weight gain or loss may develop stretch marks in this region. This is also an area where we can get significant results.
  5. Knees: They appear during puberty when the skin stretches during growth sprouts.
  6. Calves and back of knees: These stretch marks can be very visible when wearing shorts and skirts. These are usually puberty stretch marks. This is another area where we get very good results.
  7. Shoulders: These stretch marks are very common with body builders. DermaEraze can reduce stretch marks in this area.

DermaEraze Stretch Marks Removal Treatment

Whilst it is unrealistic to think that any treatment will remove stretchmarks 100%, DermaEraze has been proven to work for well over a decade on 95% of people, who have enjoyed a 40% to 70% improvement after only one treatment. Our stretchmarks removal treatment gives us consistent results. We realise that you’re reading this and not believing us because you have tried everything so far including laser treatments for stretchmarks. Which is why we offer a test patch (£75) so that you can see the results on your skin before you commit to the treatment.

Microneedling, also known as collagen induction therapy, is a minimally invasive procedure that involves the use of a device equipped with fine needles. These needles create micro-injuries in the skin, stimulating the body’s natural healing response and promoting collagen and elastin production.

How DermaEraze Addresses Stretch Marks

  1. Collagen Induction: Microneedling triggers the production of collagen, a crucial protein that contributes to skin elasticity. The influx of collagen helps repair the ruptured fibers causing stretch marks.
  2. Improved Blood Flow: The micro-injuries created during microneedling enhance blood circulation to the treated areas, fostering a more robust healing environment.
  3. Enhanced Absorption of Topical Products: Microneedling creates microchannels in the skin, allowing for better absorption of topical products that aid in stretch mark reduction.

DermaEraze Stretch Marks Treatment FAQ

No! Not even our treatment can remove them 100%. DermaEraze will give you a significant improvement even from the first treatment but we do not claim 100% improvement…and no one should. DermaEraze will rebuild targeted tissue from within but it’s a process. 50% improvement is very realistic with one treatment. Stretchmarks will never go away 100%
The legal age in the UK is 18. This is not a bad thing since your skin is not fully developed until then. You can use oils in the mean time.
DermaEraze was created by Lorena Oberg and it’s a combination of lasers and collagen actuation therapies which aid the natural healing of a problem area.
DermaEraze gives permanent results because it rebuilds your skin naturally. What ever results you get are permanent. However, hormonal changes and well as pregnancy and weight gain can produce new stretchmarks.
DermaEraze works by making a controlled lesion to the stretch mark and actuating collagen using lasers. In other words, we know how to hurt the skin in order to promote healing. Nothing is injected, so there is no risk of allergic reactions, making DermaEraze extremely safe.
YES! We have treated stretch marks 45 years old with very good results. The length of time the area have been affected does not in any way diminish the effectiveness of the treatment.
We have performed thousands of procedures to date and our data shows that 95% of our clients get a 30% to 60% improvement in the appearance of the stretch marks with ONE treatment. We ask you to return for a check up 4 weeks after the treatment and we can usually already see improvement.
Yes it does, in fact, we see even better results on dark skin tones, although dark and Asian skin tones will require additional after care check ups. The price of which is included in the treatment cost. We will bring you back to see us as long as we feel you need it.
Yes it does, but the WOW results come from the dark skin tones. Yet, we still get very good and consistent results on white skin.
No we don’t. DermaEraze works and it works fast and it carries on improving for six months. If you wish to improve on your results, you can have further treatments six months apart. You should see the same percentage of improvement the second time around. In our experience, people are happy with one or two treatments.
YES IT IS. I have been told the pain is similar to having a tattoo and nothing compared to a bikini wax. We do use topical numbing cream which does take the edge off. We also inject Lidocaine in the area which makes the procedure very manageable. It is a fast procedure and we are told, worth the discomfort.
Although it works on the same principle, it is very different. DermaEraze is far more targeted and therefore much more effective.
Yes it does, although our complication rate is extremely low. Your biggest risk is infection as with any procedure that breaks the skin. However, it is fair to mention that skin is naturally antiseptic and this is very rare. Should an infection occur, we ask that you visit your doctor for antibiotics.
It’s important to keep the area clean. We ask you to not get the area wet for 24 hours. We ask you to keep the area covered with our Miracle Oil as this will help the healing process and also create a barrier against infection. Don’t cover the area with bandages and get plenty of sun if you can.
This is not a treatment that has down time as such. You will feel mild discomfort for 24 hours and the initial healing will happen in about a week. From then on, you will see the redness start to disappear. By the time you come back for your check up, the healing will be 90% completed. You are able to have this treatment on your lunch hour and go back to work.
Oh yes please! The sun is wonderful for results, in fact, many people plan their treatment around their holidays.
No we cannot. Although it does work on most people, there is always someone it will not work for. Also, expectations differ from person to person and the same results could mean that one person is thrilled whilst the next is disappointed. We take detailed before and after pictures in order to assess progress. This is why we always suggest that you do a £75 test patch before committing to the entire treatment.
We get this all the time. We operate a no pressure environment so we hope that you will come in and try DermaEraze by having a test patch and give us a chance to prove it to you. The best thing to do, is to book in a consultation and have a test patch before committing to having a big treatment.

For many, finding a Stretch Marks Removal Treatment that works can become an obsession.  Frustrated after trying every lotion and potion without success.  Dermaeraze is different in that it’s an in clinic procedure suitable for all skin types, specially dark ones. It’s an alternative to more invasive hit and miss laser treatments.  


A thorough consultation with Lorena is essential to assess the type, severity, and age of the stretch marks. This allows for the formulation of a treatment plan. You can book a free video consultation HERE.

Book a Free video consultation with Lorena HERE

More information about our Test Patch HERE


Before the procedure, the skin is cleansed, and a topical numbing cream may be applied to ensure comfort during microneedling. We can also inject Lidocaine if this works better for you.

DermaEraze Session

The device is systematically moved across the stretch marks only. Creating controlled micro-injuries. The procedure is generally well-tolerated and may take around 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the treatment area. Test patch takes around 5 minutes.

Post-Treatment Care

After DermaEraze, the skin will experience redness and mild swelling, akin to a sunburn. Following post-treatment care instructions is crucial. Aftercare is 50% of the treatment, the other 50% is what you do at home. The after care will depend on your individual case.

What can DermaEraze offer?

DermaEraze Stretch Marks Reduction Treatment can offer a permanent improvement to the affected area with a 95% success rate.  We define success as a 40% to 70% improvement with one treatment.With over 1500 procedures performed in the past decade, no other stretch marks reduction treatment comes close. You can find more information on our stretch marks test patch and book HERE.

Read about DermaEraze in press and independent review sites.

DermaEraze stretch marks treatment has been featured in the Health Section of the Mail On Sunday as well as various other publications.   Although we feel that the headline in the Mail is a bit OTT, the article is very fair and honest.  We invite you to read it by clicking on the photo below.

Stretch Marks Removal Treatment
Article in the Health Section of the Mail on Sunday. Click to view full article.

DermaEraze is also mentioned in Grazia as one of the five top celebrity stretch marks treatments.

DermaEraze has become the go to treatment for celebrities.  We are not at liberty to discuss which celebrities have had the treatment but Natasha Hamilton has gone public in Closer Magazine.

How to treat Red Stretch Marks at Home.

If your stretch marks are new and pink, you may not need us.  There is hope to heal them naturally. See our page on Tips for Healing Fresh Stretch Marks for advise on things that you can do NOW at home.   If however, they have been pink for over three years, do get in touch as we will be able to help you.


Prices and Contact

Prices start from £450 and a consultation is required. In person consultations are a non refundable £75, which includes your test patch and goes towards the price of your treatment if you choose to go ahead. You can book a Free Video consultation online by clicking here or on the button on the upper right hand corner of this page.

If you have any questions you can call us on 0800 0029696


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