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Is DermaEraze the Best Stretch Marks Removal Treatment?

We would like to think so! But here is information on other treatments available for stretch marks.

Stretch marks treatments vary from home remedies, store bought lotions and potions and all sorts of semi invasive laser and needling procedures.

So which one of these procedures work…. well…they all do to some degree. So let’s have a look at what’s available.

Home Remedies – When stretch marks are new and pink, it’s worth trying out simple things like olive oil on your stretch marks. The fact is that anything that keeps the skin moisturised is worth trying.

Over the Counter Lotions and Potions – These work no better than home remedies. In the stretch marks game, the general rule is that the cheaper, the stickier, the greasier the better. Over the counter oils and potions work no better than any other oil.

Semi Invasive Treatments – These are treatments such as laser skin resurfacing, dermal roller, carboxy, etc etc etc. There is no doubt that these do work to some degree and results vary from person to person. Certainly, they work better than the lotions and potions but results of these is hit and miss and we see clients every day that have had EVERYTHING under this category and nothing has worked. We see others that it has worked to some degree.

It’s important to mention that if the above methods have worked, chances are these people will never have the need to visit us, thus, we see only people that will claim poor results from these methods.

DermaEraze – We’re obviously going to say that DermaEraze is the best! Well, it’s our treatment and therefore what else could we say? The fact is that the number speak for themselves. We have, to date perform this treatment over 1000 times and only have had a handful of cases where we have not been able to see a visible improvement. We ask everyone to come back for an after treatment check up where we compare the pictures taken before the treatment.

DermaEraze also works on scars but we have a lower success rate with these. This could be due to the fact that scars require a lot more of a commitment from the client when it comes to after care. If the client does not follow proper instructions once they leave the clinic, the success rate drops dramatically.

DermaEraze is affordable and effective. It does what it claims to do, 30% to 70% improvement with one treatment on 95% of cases. It works on all skin tones including African and Asian. It has a very low complication rate and you can go back to your activities straight away. See our before and after gallery of stretch marks pictures.

We know how much stretch marks can effect a person’s confidence and being able to effectively treat them is a very humbling privilege indeed.

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