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Will I Lose My Hair If I Have Laser Permanent Makeup/Microblading Removal?

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Will I lose my hair if I have laser permanent Makeup Removal

As trends change and personal preferences evolve, many individuals seek to remove their permanent tattooed eyebrows. The first concern that comes to mind is “Will I lose my natural hair with laser PMU/Microblading removal“. Laser is my preferred go to removal method for reasons that I will list below. Yet, a persistent concern among those considering eyebrow tattoo removal is whether it compromises natural hair growth. Will I lose my hair if I have laser Permanent Makeup Removal? This is the number one concern that leads to people putting off having PMU removal.

I will try to clarify the many misconceptions on this subject. I will try to explain why your eyebrow hair is safe with me and with most of the qualified eyebrow tattoo removal technicians throughout the world.

Laser permanent makeup removal does not kill the hair follicle. In fact it often stimulates dormant follicles.

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How Does Tattoo Removal Work?

The process involves using highly concentrated beams of light to break down the pigment particles embedded in the skin. As the ink absorbs the laser energy, it shatters into smaller fragments, which are then naturally eliminated by the body’s immune system over time. Different wavelengths of light are utilised to target specific colours of ink. Leading to effective removal with minimal damage to surrounding tissues. The ink attracts the laser beam and the laser will reacts ONLY with the ink. If I shoot skin that does not have ink or pigment, the beam has nothing to attach to and therefore just gets lost without any reaction.

Selective Photothermolysis

The key principle governing laser tattoo removal is selective photothermolysis. This is where specific wavelengths of light can target particular pigments in the skin without causing damage to surrounding tissues. In the case of eyebrow tattoo removal, lasers with wavelengths that correspond to the colours of the ink are used. These lasers are calibrated to precisely target the pigment particles while leaving the surrounding skin and hair follicles largely unaffected. This process is made possible by the Q Switched element of the ND Yag Laser.

The Difference Between a Q Switched ND Yag and a non Q Swichwed ND Yag Laser.

This is where all the confusion regarding hair loss happens.

ND Yag Lasers – Non Q Switched ND Yag lasers are primarily used for Laser Hair Removal and treatment of vascular lesions such as thread veins. These are long pulse laser. The power remains in the target area long enough to transmit enough power to kill the follicle or the thread veins. When people hear the word ND Yag, this is the laser that comes to mind.

Q Switched ND Yags – All tattoo removal lasers are Q Switched ND Yags. There are many kinds of tattoo removal lasers, with different speeds and wavelength but they are all Q Switched lasers. It is the Q Switched element that makes it a tattoo removal laser. The ultra fast pulse means that it will concentrate and explode the ink particles into much smaller particles that your body will take away with time. This much faster pulse is the reason it does not kill hair. It is too short to stay in the follicle long enough to have any real damage. In fact, it will shake dormant follicles right up. If a hair follicle is dead then nothing will happen but those sleeping beauties will get a good shake!

How Deep The Wavelength Penetrates

The depth at which the laser penetrates the skin is carefully controlled during the removal process. Eyebrow tattoos typically lie at a shallower depth compared to hair follicles, which are located deeper within the dermis. Therefore, the laser primarily affects the tattoo pigment without causing significant damage to the hair follicles. However, this is the main reason an experienced removal technician is a must. Getting the correct power at the correct angle comes with experience.

The Experience of the Tattoo Removal Technician

The angle, power and dept of the laser beam need to be correct for the hair follicle to be spared. More experienced technicians learn to work with minimal power getting the best results. This is important for skin and hair follicle health. Permanent Makeup Removal is a very specific skill.

In conclusion, the fear that laser tattoo removal on eyebrows compromises hair growth lacks substantial scientific basis. Our vast experience expanding nearly 20 years, coupled with careful treatment protocols, ensures effective tattoo removal while preserving the integrity of hair follicles.

Individuals considering eyebrow tattoo removal can rest assured that the process is unlikely to interfere with natural hair growth. As always, consulting with a qualified laser specialist can provide personalised guidance and address any concerns regarding the procedure.

You can see what the NHS says about tattoo removal here.

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