Lorena Oberg

Hypopigmentation Treatment

Hypopigmentation Treatment is offered to those that have scars or patches that are lighter than the rest of their skin.  This is NOT a treatment for Vitiligo which is a medical autoimmune condition and must be treated by a doctor.

Our Hypopigmentation Treatment

hypopigmentation treatmentUnlike other treatments, ours works to naturally stimulate the remaining melanin in the skin.  We know from years of experience that targeted needling successfully stimulate melanin to return.  We have performed thousands of cases to date and understand this an emotional issue.  Our treatment is natural, and we do not inject substances into the skin.  This is important, as the current trend of tattooing pigment into hyperpigmented scrars has proven that long term the results are never good.  We prefer to stimulate your natural melanin.  This way, the colour will always be perfect and you never have to worry about it turning a different shade in a few years.  This treatment is suitable for all skin tones including African and Asian.

At Home Aftercare

Following aftercare is crucial for the success of this treatment.   You will go home with a very specific after care regime suited to your specific needs.  This regime need to be followed to the letter.  What happens in clinic is a triggering of your skin’s natural ability to heal.  The after care is what will make the melanocytes in your skin produce the pigmentation.  During your consultation you will be told what the aftercare regime will be.

The consultation

This will be the most important aspect of the treatment.  You will be told what you can realistically expect from the treatment and what your aftercare will need to be.  We will then discuss the best time to do the treatment so that your commitments can allow you to properly carry out the aftercare.


You can book a consultation online by clicking here, under scar treatment on our system.  If you have any further questions you can call us on 01883 344273.