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Laser Tattoo Removal Healing Process

Laser Tattoo Removal Healing Process

Laser Tattoo Removal Healing Process


Before we can talk about the laser tattoo removal healing process, It’s important to understand what is laser tattoo removal. When the laser beam hits the ink, it creates an explosion which shatters the ink into smaller particles (small enough to be process through the body’s lymphatic system). This explosion creates gases which come to the surface and later escape through the skin.

The term EXPLOSION and the creation of GASSES should be a clue that this is a PAINFUL process and that it involves heat. Make no mistake, lasers are burning the ink out of your body.

For this reason, in some cases, it can take as long as 12 weeks for the area to be completely healed.

It is not uncommon for the area to blister as you have been burnt and the degree of discomfort you have post treatment will vary from person to person and it will also vary according to the machine used and the experience of the technician. Its fair to say that it’s impossible to know how each individual is going to react to treatment which is important that you see the same technician if possible. Continuation of treatment is important.

Any blister needs special care. Blistering is when scars and infection can happen. It’s important to not burst blisters or pick the scabs that will happen as a result.

You can reduce the chances of scarring by using oils and if you see scaring you should use silicone scar patches immediately.

Infection is also a very real possibility. If the area is giving out heat, is extremely tender to the touch (bed sheets would be painful) and it has a red ring around it…it’s probably infected. Please don’t try to use home remedies, infections require antibiotics and the longer you put it off the more worse they will get. An untreated infection will lead to scarring so get to your doctor!

Remember that you have opened the skin to implant the ink when the tattoo was made. You are now going to hit it with a powerful laser eight to ten times in order to burn the ink off. Please understand that you will probably not be left with pre tattoo condition skin. In our clinic, despite the fact that we are scar experts, we only have about a 30% rate of removing tattoos with pre tattoo condition skin. All of these case are of lighter skin tones. If you are African or Asian, you will have a scar, please do not enter into this treatment thinking otherwise.

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