Lorena Oberg

Male Dermal Filler Injections

Male dermal filler injections need to consider the male facial shape. Our technique is not that different from the service that we provide for the ladies other than it considers the male face. Lorena’s work is natural and part of the clock reversal work that she has become known for. Her goal is to rejuvenate in a way that will make men look rested and well, not fake. Lorena always tells her clients “If you can tell someone has had work done, it has not been done by me”. Her primary client base is over 40s and she is known for being able to take 10 years off.

Lorena likes to do her work over several weeks, that way the change is gradual and she can tweak once the swelling has gone down. There is no room for error on the face.

The amount of Dermal Filler you will need will be individual, however, Lorena may discuss with you other options in combination with your fillers. Her approach is to work on the face using different techniques in a way that you will need the least amount of fillers possible. The less she uses to achieve her goal the more natural the result and more cost effective in the long run for the client.

A consultation with Lorena is the best way for her to assess your needs. You can book this online here under Book Now/Clinical Treatments/ Dermal Filler Consultation