Lorena Oberg

Saline & Glycolic Acid Tattoo Removal

Saline Glycolic Acid Tattoo RemovalBoth of Saline and Glycolic Acid Tattoo Removal fall under the category of NON LASER tattoo removal.

They’re done by opening the skin and using saline or glycolic acid to bond with the ink particles by making a scab that will then take the ink with it.    This method removes the ink in the same way it was implanted.

Whilst Saline & Glycolic Removal is commonly used by permanent makeup artist that don’t have access to lasers, it’s fair to mention that it does not replace laser treatment.  We use non laser as a compliment to laser treatments and not a replacement.

   What is Saline & Glycolic Acid Tattoo Removal

Tthis is a LIGHTENING rather than a REMOVAL method.  Any sort of non laser removal involves opening the skin to get to the implanted pigment.  This by the very nature of it, is far more aggressive than laser, which does not touch the epidermis.  Because of this, we rarely use non laser removal more than twice.

Non laser treatments can be very effective when the area is saturated with ink.  However,  it does not substitute the need for lasers at some stage or the removal process.  We also use this method when dealing with flesh or white colour pigment.

The aftercare of Saline or Glycolic Acid Tattoo Removal is more complicated than laser.  You will need to keep the area dry and allow the scab to fall off on it’s own.  This poses a challenge when washing and showering.

During your consultation we will advise you if this is right method for you.  We would like you to keep an open mind during your consultation as you will have heard contradicting reports as to which method is best.   We’re one of the few clinics that uses both methods and we can categorically tell you that the best method is the only that will suit your individual case.

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