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Self harm scars are very emotional to those sufferers that have recovered, yet still have the permanent reminder etched on their skin.  Our DermaEraze Self Harm Treatment will soften scars, even white ones.

DermaEraze Self Harm Scar Treatment a truly transformative solution. Consistently working to diminish the appearance of self-harm scars and offering a renewed sense of confidence.

There is a lot that can be done with these scars and they tend to be quite easy to naturally camouflage, especially with darker skin tones. We use several methods to do this.

How does DermaEraze scar treatment work?

DermaEraze, also known as skin needling, works by creating precision trauma on the affected area. This sends a signal to the brain, telling it to send collagen and lymphatic fluids to the area in order to repair the trauma. The scar is then repaired as a by-product of the trauma. This is minimally invasive procedure involving the use of a device with fine needles. These needles create controlled micro-injuries in the skin, stimulating the natural healing process. The resulting collagen and elastin production contribute to skin regeneration, making DermaEraze Scar Treatment an effective option for improving the appearance of scars, including those from self-harm.

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Do You Use Tattoo Ink?

Dermaeraze will not inject pigment into your scars. We will stimulate your natural pigment to come back to the scar area. This is important because tattoo pigments change over time making the scars more obvious in a few years. Natural is best. We feel strongly about not tattooing these scars with pigment because it makes our work all the more difficult later on. Natural pigmentation is very easy to stimulate using DermaEraze treatment for self harm scars.

What DermaEraze does to your skin

Collagen Stimulation:

Microneedling actively and naturally stimulates the production of collagen. This vital protein is responsible for maintaining skin elasticity and suppleness. Collagen production will play an active role in softening the scar and creating healthy tissue around it minimising the width of the scar.

Reduction of Scar Tissue

The controlled micro-injuries from microneedling along with the stimulated collagen actively contributes to breaking down scar tissue, encouraging the growth of new, healthier skin cells. The targeted nature of DermaEraze means that the scar tissue is targeted in a controlled way.

Enhanced Absorption of Topical Treatments

DermaEraze Microneedling creates micro-channels in the skin, actively improving the absorption of topical treatments. This ensures that targeted products can actively penetrate the scar tissue for more effective results. It also triggers the skin into healing mode where it will respond to silicone scar gel sheets as aftercare.

DermaEraze’s Active Role in Emotional Healing

Boosting Confidence

DermaEraze Microneedling treatment plays an active role in boosting confidence by actively addressing the physical reminders of past struggles, empowering individuals on their journey towards emotional healing.

Taking Control of Scarring

Opting for treatment is an active decision to take control of the scarring process, turning it into a positive and empowering experience. Seeing your scars face before your eyes compliments your emotional transition.

Encouraging Self-Care

DermaEraze actively encourages individuals to engage in self-care, fostering a mindset focused on personal well-being and positive transformation.

DermaEraze will not magically make the scar vanish….what it will do is two-fold. It will soften the scar tissue making it less obvious AND it will induce your own body to re-pigment the scar, to the colour of the rest of your skin, so that they become nearly unnoticeable.

What Other Scars Do We Treat?

Why is DermaEraze more effective than laser treatments?

Our self harm removal treatment is far more aggressive in a more targeted way. We only work on the scar, not the surrounding healthy skin tissue. This means that although the treatment is aggressive to the scar, because the surrounding skin is not compromised, the healing is accelerated and far more comfortable.

The use of Dermal Fillers in Self Harm Scar Treatment

We compliment DermaEraze self harm removal treatment in some cases with Dermal Filler. Sometimes, scars are indented, and whilst DermaEraze does help with this, sometimes we need to go in with filler to bring the scar flush with the rest of the skin.

Do you use lasers?

In the same way, we may need to use lasers to work with hyperpigmented scars as well red scars. Lasers are a fantastic tool to work with dark scars as well as red scars. Lasers can be a double edge sword and will never use them on dark skin.

How long until I see results?

We will book an after treatment check up after 4 to 6 weeks. You should have visible results by this time.

All of the pictures featured on this page are results after 1 treatment six weeks post treatment. We have been providing this treatment for over 15 years with a 95% success rate. We urge you to book a free video consultation with Lorena to see if this treatment is right for you. Her experience allows her to take on the cases where she thinks she can make a real difference. You can also see more tips on healing scars at home HERE.

Does DermaEraze work on all skin types?

Yes it does. We get better results on darker skin tones because the melanin really re pigments the scar which makes a huge difference on the visual look of the scars.

How to book

Treatment prices vary between £350 and £550 per treatment. You can book online here, by choosing the “Scar Removal” option. or a online Whatsapp consultation  If you would like more information and would prefer to speak to a member of our team you can reach us here tel: 0800 0029696

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