Lorena Oberg

Crepey Skin Treatment for Arms Neck Chest and Hands

If you’re wondering how to get rid of Crepey Skin Treatment on your Arms, Neck, Chest and Hands then read on.  Our treatment came about because our celebrity clients needed a solution to this sometimes embarrassing condition.

Like many, they were frustrated with the lack of Crepey Skin Treatments other than lotions and potions that give no real results.  Using Jilly Johnson as a guinea pig, Lorena set out to create her own solution and the rest is history.  The result is that Jilly got her results and women everywhere thank her for it! You can read about Jilly’s experience in the Daily Mail by clicking the photo below.

Jilly Johnson Beauty Treatments

How our crepey skin treatment works

We use the word healing because this is exactly what we do, we turn back the clock.  We will inject, laser, and send you home with after care products to drink and lather your skin.  Every case is different, so the approach will vary from one person to another.

Results are visible from the very first treatment but several treatment may be required for optimal results.  During your consultation you will be given realistic expectations as what can be achieved for your individual case.  On average, our result vary from 50% to 80% improvement.  We will often choose to use a laser to get rid of the sun damage on areas like the Chest and Hands to give even better results by removing unsightly age spots.

This treatment has minimal down time but bruising is possible.  So the Winter is the best time to get your new skin ready for the summer.

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