With Permanent Makeup becoming more and more popular so are the botched jobs coming through our Clinic and thus the need for professionals to offer Laser tattooed Eyeliner Removal has become a must. The difficulty with eyeliner tattoos or semi permanent eyeliner is that in most cases, they are indeed permanent. As if this was not enough, migration of the ink upon the technician hitting a blood vessel can happen to even the most experienced of techs.

Those of you reading this know that you are getting phone calls asking for this treatment. Lorena is currently the ONLY accredited trainer in the world teaching this skill at a UK level 7. This is equivalent to a module offered at a Masters level in America. She is the undisputed world expert in this field and you can see her contribution to the British Aesthetic Medical Journal Here.

Lorena is asked to speak at conferences all over the world and is recognised in the Permanent Makeup Industry as the go to person when things go wrong.

With people travelling all over the world to see Lorena and train with her, it became obvious that there is international demand for this training. We arrange classes mostly in the London area but Lorena also travels under special arrangements.

Whilst financials gain should never be your motivation for training in such a delicate procedure, the fact is that there is only a handful of people offering this service currently in the world. The demand is increasing by the day and we become more and more frustrated having to turn people away and not being able to refer them to someone close to them. Not everyone is able to travel to London and Lorena’s goal is to have enough people trained so that she no longer has to turn people away without a solution.

In order to perform this training you need to have taken Lorena’s fundamental Tattoo Removal Class.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions info@lorenaoberg.co.uk.