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Beauty routines often overlook the temples, yet they quietly play a crucial role in shaping our facial aesthetics. As we age, these unassuming features undergo changes, losing volume and altering the contours of our face. Temple filler is the solution for both men and women. Male dermal filler face lifts usually will need this treatment.

Understanding Temple Hollowing

The temples, situated at the edge of our brows, running up to the ears and back to the hairline, begin to shrink with age. This natural concavity is accentuated as fat pads, collagen, and bone diminish, creating a sunken appearance. Certain factors, such as intense cardiovascular activity, make certain individuals more prone to temple hollowing.

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Temple Fillers: A Non-Surgical Facelift?

Well not quite on their own but as a compliment of dermal fillers and PDO threads, absolutely! Temple fillers emerge are non-surgical solution that revitalises the temples and lifts the eyes and jawline. Administered through injections our fillers use biodegradable CE approved hyaluronic acid (HA) restoring moisture and volume to the temporal area.

The Importance of Temples in Facial Beauty

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Temples contribute significantly to the upper face’s contoured appearance and define youthful features. Full temples play a key role in cushioning the face from the bone, contributing to a desirable ‘heart-shaped face’ in women and a well-defined upper face in men. As we age and the temples lose volume the face begins to have a skull like appearance which add years quite unnecessarily. Temples are often ignored by practitioners but they are a crucial part of any facial rejuvenation using dermal fillers.

Causes of Volume Loss in Temples

The temples, situated at the edge of our brows, running up to the ears and back to the hairline, begin to shrink with age. As we become older the temples experience bone, muscle and fat loss, compounded by a gradual reduction in collagen. The combination of these three factors leads to sagging and hollowed of the skin. Forming a concave or ‘sunken’ depression between the brows, hairline, and cheeks. Men tend to suffer much earlier which makes it very important to address in a person’s transgender feminisation journey.

Benefits of Temple Fillers

Temple fillers offer a range of benefits, including a more youthful appearance. Yet the main attraction is that subtle and natural-looking enhancement. It’s that tweek that looks great but no one can pinpoint. The treatment’s minimal side effects, long-lasting results, and collagen-stimulating properties make it an appealing option. What could be better?

Procedure and Recovery of Temple Fillers

Unlike surgical alternatives, administering temple fillers is a quick procedure with minimal discomfort and no downtime. Temple fillers involve minimal recovery time, allowing individuals to resume their routine immediately after the injections. You will be in our clinic for no more than an hour most of that time is spent doing a very detailed consultation. The procedure itself take around 10 minutes.

FQA Temple Fillers

Are Temple Fillers painful?

It’s a lot more comfortable than you may think. Lorena’s pain management tends to be very good and she has all kinds of techniques and tricks to make you comfortable. We will start by using numbing cream and if that is not enough, we can use a dental block.

What side effects do temple fillers have?

You can expect tenderness, swelling, redness, and pain depending on your individual tendencies. These can be controlled with post-care advice. Symptoms will take 7 to 14 to fully go. Filler will settle after 2 weeks. Only then will you be able to see what your filler looks like without swelling. This swelling is rarely noticeable though.

Will fillers in the temple area give me pillow face?

Lorena has a preference of doing big jobs a little at a time. This allows the swelling to settle before putting more filler in. This way the change happens gradually without anyone noticing other than…Wow…you look so well!

Can I get permanent fillers?

Absolutely NOT. Our fillers are dissolvable and will eventually be metabolised by your body. Permanent fillers sound like a convenient concept but your face will change over time and the fillers you have at 35 will be different from what you need at 50. Not only that but permanent fillers have been proven to create a huge array of problems.

Will my face feel lumpy after fillers?

Fillers are injected in such a way that they become a part of your overall facial structure. However, lumps can happen and a quick visit back after 2 weeks will resolve any problems. Lorena keeps in close touch and is very approachable. She wants to hear about anything that you may not be 100% happy with.

Will my family and friends notice?

They will notice that you look well, rested and refreshed and they may press you to give them your secret. Dermal Fillers should not be obvious. If you can tell that a person has had filler it was done wrong and not by us.

How much filler will I need?

This really depends on the area that we’re treating. Lips generally require 1ml, Cheeks 3ml, Chin 1ml, Temples 2ml, Tear Through 1ml, Jawline 3ml

Can Dermal Filler move or migrate?

Yes, fillers are known to migrate on rare occasions. This is very easy to fix and we encourage you to return to us if this happens.

Can fillers be removed if I don’t like them?

Yes, fillers can be dissolved by using an enzyme. Fillers will break down on their own over time so it’s rare that we need to dissolve. However, sometimes, we need to dissolve before we can begin working on the soft look that we are known for.

Potential Side Effects and Risks of Temple Fillers

While temple fillers have minimal side effects, common reactions include temporary swelling, redness, pain, bruising, rash, and itching. Pain can also be felt in the jawline area. All of this will resolve itself within 2 week. Rare but serious side effects are possible which is why Lorena keeps open communication with all her patients due to the importance of post-injection care to minimise risks.

Best Filler for the Temple Area

There are no specification on what filler should be used in the temple area. This means that different practitioners will use what they’re most comfortable with. We highly recommend using Hyaluronic Acid (HA) temple filler treatment to restore volume to the temples and achieve natural-looking results. Your body will absorb these fillers over time. We do not use permanent fillers in our clinic because of the dangers associated with them. We use a soft filler because this is such a sensitive area and safety is our first priority. All our fillers are CE marked and of the highest quality.

We may also discuss with you filler in other areas of the face in order to achieve the look that you’re looking for:

Candidates for Temple Fillers

Individuals with hollow or depressed temples, a drooping brow, and sagging eyelids are potential candidates for temple fillers. Good overall health, non-smoking habits, and avoiding blood-thinning medications are considerations for candidacy.

Duration of Temple Filler Results

While temple fillers are temporary, our patients tend to need a top up every 18 to 24 months. Maintenance injections can be done for to prolong results. We like to see you around every 12 months at which time we will tell you if you need a top up or not. Fillers are metabolised at different speeds on different parts of the face.

Temple Filler Prices

Prices start at £250 per ml. Temple fillers offer a non-surgical and transformative solution to address age-related volume loss in the temples. Lorena will guide you though every part of your journey. You can start by booking a free video consultation with her HERE. If you need to speak to a member of staff you can call our office on 0800 0029696

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