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Dermal Fillers for Non Surgical Facelifts

Dermalfiller Facelift London

These 2 pictures show the power of dermal fillers on an ageing face. The picture on the left was me at 48, the one on the right is me at 55, both without makeup. These pictures illustrate how important it is to put volume back into the face using Dermal fillers.

One of the biggest struggles that I have is people not wanting dermal fillers for the fear of looking “fake” or like “those people on TV” and their fears are immediately supported by a long list of celebrities that have had terrible work done.

Let’s understand why celebrities end up having to dissolve their fillers. I have often had to do this to celebrities that have been over done so have had a chance to ask why and how this happened. Basically it was the “one step back and two steps front” concept. Where as the fillers are beginning to naturally dissolve, the injector has put in 1ml where only half an ml was needed. Doing this, over a period of time will give you the over filled look..because… it is over filled.

The trick to non surgical facelifts using filler is to do it gradually, allow your face to settle and top up, sometimes I need to see a patient 3 to 4 times in order to get it right. The look that we go for is one where you no longer look gaunt and your face is no longer melting making the bottom half look heavy giving a square look.

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