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Permanent Tattoo Eyeliner Removal


A common misconception is that Tattoo Eyeliner Removal is not possible.  To remove Semi-Permanent Makeup Eyeliner, Tattooed Eyeliner, and Eyeliner Migration, one can utilise laser and non-laser techniques, ensuring proper precautions and protocols are followed. We have performed hundreds of Laser Tattoo Eyeliner removals and are widely considered world experts with Lorena demonstrating this procedure to professionals at conferences world wide. Depending on the age of the eye liner and the concentration of ink, we will use the method that will help us achieve the best result.  Often we will use a combination of laser and non laser techniques. Migration of eyeliner can also be treated very effectively.  In fact, migration is one of the easiest SPMU problems to resolve with noticeable results even from the first treatment. Please see our page with frequently asked questions about this procedure here. 

The Tattoo Eyeliner Removal Procedure

Lorena Oberg herself performs the delicate procedure of Tattoo Eyeliner Removal, establishing her as the world leader in the field of permanent makeup removal. The video below illustrates her confidence in executing the removal of eyeliner.

The first step is to book a consultation with Lorena.  During which she will asses the full extent of the problem and derive the best possible course of action, specifically tailored to your needs. Laser removal is especially effective on eyeliners that have been done for over 3 years.  What may look, to the inexperienced eye, to be a very dark liner may in fact be easy to remove.  Lorena will be able to advise you on the best way forward.


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The aftercare of laser eyeliner removal is a lot faster than most people think.  Most people have bruising and swelling which clears up in 7 to 14 days.  During the consultation, we will alert you if bruising is anticipated, but you should be prepared to manage it. Most can usually cover it up with makeup after 3 days.

The important thing to consider is that the days after tend to look a lot worse than it feels.  Also, younger people often get no bruising at all.  As part of the aftercare we ask that you simply do not touch the area and wash only with water.

Cornea Protectors

Using lasers in the eye area requires protection to the cornea and the only way to achieve this is by using Ocular Shields.  These are placed inside the eye to protect your eyesight. acularshield-300x177 Ocular shields are surprisingly comfortable once inserted.  However, lasering is not.  Laser tattoo removal is a painful process and although we take a lot of care to minimise discomfort, there is no getting away from the reality that it’s an uncomfortable procedure and you will need healing time of up to 10 days.  Although most report that concealer can cover any issues after a couple of days. The fact is that tattooed eyeliner and migration CAN be corrected.  It’s a highly skilled and uncomfortable procedure that can take several sessions for complete results. Lorena is an expert in this field and performs this treatment daily.

Why Choose Lorena?

Lorena has been doing this procedure longer than anyone in the world?  How do we know this?  Because she pioneered the techniques in permanent makeup removal now accepted as best practice and she offers the only certified training in the world for laser eyeliner removal.  Therefore no one has more experience!

You will need to book a consultation or you can discuss the treatment via a free video consultation. You may do so online by clicking here or you may call us for more information on 0800 0029696 Treatments are £650 per session. .

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