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PRP Treatment

PRP Treatment is short for Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment which has also been wrongfully branded in the Media as the Vampire Face Lift. PRP is used for skin texture and to promote hair growth.

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We do the treatment in at both of our clinics. We start by drawing your bloods and then spinning it to separate the Platelets from the red blood cells. We then re inject the PRP back into the area that we’re treating.

We get fantastic results in promoting hair growth as well as in skin rejuvenation using this technique. It is the treatment of choice of many of our celebrity clients due to it’s effectiveness and fast visible result.

We often use PRP in conjunction with other treatments such as mesotherapy and DermaEraze in order to get even better results.

A course is needed in most cases and this is determined on your consultation. Please get in touch for more information.

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