Lorena Oberg

Neck, Chest, Arm Rejuvenation Treatment

A favourite of celebrities our Neck Chest Arm Rejuvenation treatment involves a combination of laser treatment to remove sun damage, vitamin/hyaluronic injections for skin condition and Radio Frequency for skin tightening.  The best way to describe this treatment is that we take all the ingredients in your favourite pot on cream and inject it, very superficially into the dermis where they will actually work!  This treatment is purely about skin condition, we do not bulk up the skin with fillers or paralyse muscles.

Our results are consistent with clients reporting as as much as 80% improvement in the quality of their skin after having our Neck, Chest, Arm Rejuvenation Treatment.


Crepey Skin Treatment Before and After

Although there is downtime associated with this treatment in the form of bruising, it is minimal and in now way interferes with daily activities.  It can be covered with makeup after only 24 hours.

If you have ever wondered how celebrities keep their skins looking supple and thick despite the years, this is it!  We’re busy working on celebrities before they go on projects that require them to reveal more skin than usual.  Jilly Johnson was gracious enough to go public in the Daily Mail about our treatment. You can read the entire article by clicking on the photo below.

Jilly Johnson Beauty Treatments

Significant results are visible after the first treatment and further treatments may be required for full results.  This will all be discussed in your consultation where you will be given very realistic expectation according to your individual case.

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