Lorena Oberg

Eyebrow Tattoo Removal

Eyebrow Tattoo Removal
After One Laser Treatment

Lorena Oberg is widely accepted as the WORLD Eyebrow Tattoo Removal Expert and is credited with the pioneering the techniques now accepted as best practice in the industry.

Lorena begun her career 18 years ago as a Permanent Makeup Artist and she therefore understands the differences between body tattoo and permanent makeup pigments, and more importantly, how to remove them.  Lorena has been performing Eyebrow Tattoo Removal for years and unlike other clinics, this is an area we specialise in, with thousands of treatments performed to date.  

The best way to remove permanent makeup is largely to do with a person’s specific situation. Laser and non laser methods are available and sometimes even need to be used in conjunction. Non laser methods are Saline, Glycolic Acid and many others. Again, we use a tailored method to each person’s circumstances.

Lorena lectures at Permanent Makeup Conference all over the world and teaches her techniques to doctors and technicians internationally.  Lorena works on her own specialised lasers which she has made to her specifications.  She also teaches on these lasers are arguably the best removal techs are trained and supported by her.

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We are experienced in removing all pigment colours regardless of their composition.  Although there are differences between pigments, our techniques allow us to remove all colours.  Some are more difficult to remove such as white and skin coloured camouflage pigment but they can all be removed.

No one can guarantee removal without a scar (if they do they’re not informing you correctly), but our experience allows us to have a very low scaring rate, if any. We have been able to remove a large amount of our brows leaving the client with pre tattoo condition skin and even when we have had a scar, it has been barely noticeable.

If you have Tattoo Eyebrows that you wish to remove, it’s best to book a consultation so that we can run you through your options.

Price is £350 per treatment.  You can book online by using the button on the upper right hand corner of this page or call us on 01883 344273

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