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Eyebrow tattoo removal in London before and after
After One Laser Treatment

Lorena Oberg, widely recognised as the leading expert in Eyebrow Tattoo & Microblading removal worldwide. She has earned credit for pioneering techniques now acknowledged as best practice in the industry.

Why Choose Lorena?

Lorena begun her career 18 years ago as a Permanent Makeup Artist. She therefore understands the differences between body tattoo removal and permanent makeup pigments, and more importantly, how to remove them.  Lorena has been performing Eyebrow Tattoo and SMP Removal for decades. Unlike other clinics, this is an area we specialise in, with thousands of treatments performed to date.  

What’s the best way to remove Eyebrow Tattoos?

The best way to remove permanent makeup is largely to do with a person’s specific situation. Available methods include both laser and non-laser techniques. There are instances where they may need to be used in conjunction. Non laser methods are Saline, Glycolic Acid and many others. Again, we use a tailored method to each person’s circumstances.

What is the Process like?

Performing Eyebrow Tattoo Removal and Correction is a complex and delicate procedure that demands the expertise of a trained and experienced professional. This highly specialised treatment necessitates years of experience to execute effectively.

Eyebrow tattoos are often done with inks that contain iron oxides and therefore will oxidise under a laser turning black. For this reason, knowing when and how to use laser and non laser techniques is essential for successful removal and/or correction.

Why have your Tattooed Eyebrows removed?

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The two main reasons people wish to have their permanent makeup removed is bad work and discolouration of the pigments. In most eyebrows, pigments undergo a transformation, turning either orange in the case of lighter skin tones or blue when a darker colour has been used. This phenomenon commonly occurs with eyebrows, where inks fade into undesirable colours that are still commonly used today. This doesn’t mean that they’re bad inks, it means that your tattoo has aged normally.

Colour Correction

The traditional method of counteracting an orange brow is to tattoo with a green based colour to turn it brown. We do not subscribe to this view and feel that this is only a temporary solution. We are of the opinion that it’s best to FIX the root of the problem rather than try to temporarily mask it. Once the brow goes orange or pink, you will for ever be chasing that colour unless its removed.  It is fair to mention that many technicians do use this method with various degrees of success. We are by no means advising against it.  It is simply not what we prefer to do given the tools that we have at our disposal.

Eyebrow Tattoo Removal and Correction

We handle each case differently, and there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to removal. During the consultation, we evaluate each person on their own merits and advise you on the possible outcome. We will also be able to estimate the number of treatments it may take.

Complete eyebrow tattoo removal is much more difficult than correction, although still achievable. You will be given your options during your consultation.

Why choose Lorena Oberg

Eyebrow tattoo correction and removal is so specialised that only Lorena Oberg herself performs these procedures at our clinic. People travel from all over the world to see her for treatment.

Lorena lectures at Permanent Makeup Conference all over the world and teaches her techniques to doctors and technicians internationally.  Lorena works on her own specialised lasers which she has made to her specifications.  She also teaches on these lasers are arguably the best removal techs are trained and supported by her.

Is my eyebrow hair safe?

In the short term some hair may turn white during the procedure. Hair follicles are in fact stimulated and most people end up with more hair than when they began treatment. This is because of our ultra gentle lasers.

We are experienced in removing all pigment colours regardless of their composition.  Although there are differences between pigments, our techniques allow us to remove all colours.  Some inks are more difficult to remove such as white and skin coloured camouflage pigment but they can all be removed to some degree

No one can guarantee removal without a scar (if they do they’re not informing you correctly). Our experience allows us to have a very low scaring rate, if any. We have been able to remove a large amount of brows leaving the client with pre tattoo condition skin.

If you have Tattooed Eyebrows that you wish to remove, it’s best to book a consultation so that we can run you through your options.

Price is £350 per treatment.  You can book online Here or call us on 0800 0029696

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