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We offer Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy coaching, also known as HRT due to Lorena’s on personal journey in this area.

Lorena lived with an un diagnosed Thyroid condition (under active thyroid) for 30 years.  When she at last was able to secure a reluctant diagnosis from her NHS doctor, she hit menopause and the cycle began all over again.  It was not until her entire hormonal profile was optimised that she felt well.  You now see her lecturing all over the world with the energy of a 25 year, old feeling and looking better than ten years ago.  We offer this service because Lorena is passionate about us taking control of our health and feels that everyone deserves to be feel like she does.

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We age because our hormones decline.  It is this decline that gives your body the signal to age and begin to deteriorate in order to make room for the next generation.  This is particularly brutal in women who loose 85% of their hormones in the two years following menopause.  This situation is exasperated by doctors telling you that all your tests are “normal” or prescribe synthetic HRT.

What we do is educate you on what to ask your doctor, the pitfalls and how to fight your corner.   Bio identical hormones are the primary treatment of the menopause and although Lorena is not a doctor and will not be able to prescribe she is an expert in this field. 

If you’re looking to go down the road of Bio Identical Hormones we urge you to buy this book.  It will explain what we’re doing and why it’s important in far more detail than we can.  It is written by someone that like Lorena, has had her own personal journey and wishes to share with others.  We are in no way affiliated with the author.

Many conditions can be treated using Bio Identical Hormones, not just Menopause in Men and Women, although this is what it’s most commonly used for.

Thyroid Disorders

Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome



Pre Menstrual Syndrome

Male Menopause

Male Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)

This treatment is suitable for men and women and a private consultation with Lorena costs £125 for half an hour or £200 for an hour.  We do encourage you to book a free 10 minute consultation with Lorena to see if this is the right fit for you.    You can book here.  

Had dermal fillers for men. So happy with the reaults

Gordon Furry Avatar Gordon Furry
11 September 2023

Lorena is an absolute star, she had me laughing and so relaxed the treatment was over in minutes and I can already see we have a good result. Totally recommend.

Tara Adams Avatar Tara Adams
20 November 2023

So amazing! She was so sweet with my daughter, made me feel very comfortable, and it wS annaboalute breeze! Thank you so much Lorena!

Olubunmi Ogunbona Avatar Olubunmi Ogunbona
11 August 2023

Amazing service. Definitely recommend ever so friend and knows exactly what she’s taking about. Thank you

seb sorrenti Avatar seb sorrenti
11 October 2023

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