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Tips for Getting Rid of Stretch Marks

tips for getting rid of stretch marksTips for Getting Rid of Stretch Marks

If your Stretch Marks are still red or pink you are not yet suitable for DermaEraze. Skin.  Here are some tips for getting rid of stretch marks that you can do at home.   DermaEraze is recommended only after the stretch marks have gone a silvery white.  However, if your Stretch Marks have been red or pink for years, do get in touch as we have a treatment that will improve them very quickly.

The good news is that if your stretch marks are still red or pink, your body still has a chance at healing them. You just need to give it a helping hand.

Lotions and Potions

There are many lotions and potions that you can buy for hefty sums that promise all sorts of miracles. Don’t be fooled, although some may help the fact is that everything your body needs to enhance the healing process is contained in two oils, Olive Oil and Avocado Oil. The two of these combined on a 1 to 1 ratio will give your skin vitamin A, E and all the moisture it requires to help along the healing process.
The same mixture is fantastic at preventing them during pregnancy. Consistency is the key here. You must keep your skin as moist as you can.

You can buy both these oils at your local food shop for about £5 each bottle. Choose the Extra Virgin kind. In other words, the thicker the better. Try to keep the area moist or sticky with oil. Your skin loves moisture when it regenerates.

Reasons for Stretch Marks

There is such a genetic factor to getting stretch marks and they are very common. Some teenagers get them during growth spurts. The above oils will give your skin the best possible chance to heal itself and hopefully you wont need skin needling after all!

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