Lorena Oberg

Liver Spots Removal and Age Spots

liver age spot removalThe hands is the one part of your body that doesn’t hide your age.  The main reason for this is the dreaded pigmentation.  Liver spot removal also known as age spot removal treatment, is the one thing you can do for yourself that will take years off instantly.

Our liver spot removal treatment

We offer a combination treatment where we address the issue of age or melanin spots and then work on hand texture. The liver spots or age spots are first targeted with a laser.  This will gradually fade the melanin over a period of four weeks.  The process may need to be repeated for best results.

The second step is to address the skin condition by superficially injecting a cocktail of Hyaluronic Acid, vitamins and minerals.  This cocktail has the ability to regenerate the skin.  Our clients frequently tell us that after a course of three treatments, their hands look ten years younger.

What to expect after the treatment

Your hands will look worse in the short term.  The melanin tends to go dark and scab up before flaking off. This is wonderful winter treatment when your hands can be hidden by gloves.  Also, staying out of the sun is crucial for success.  You will be given a bottle of Miracle Oil to use for the healing process.  After a month you will be able to see full results and at this point you may return for a second treatment if you should need another.

It’s important to mention that we perform this treatment in a gentle and controlled way so that the risks are minimal.  We do not have issues with post treatment hypo pigmentation as is reported elsewhere.

Booking a consultation

You may book a consultation online by clicking here and choosing the “Pigmentation Consultation” option.  For more information or to speak to one of our team please call 01883 344273