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Tattoo Removal on Black & Asian Skin

We are one of the very few clinics that are insured do tattoo removal on black & Asian skin. If you landed on this page because you’re researching and London is not a viable option for you. Here are some tips for you to choose a clinic near you.

Insurance – This is one of the most important aspects and the most telling. Insurance companies don’t want to get sued and they will not give cover on a treatment that they think will land them in court. If a clinic has cover to treat dark skin they know what they’re doing. Their insurance company would have made sure of it.

The Laser – Dark skin tones require a NANO laser. Do not allow them to tell you they have the best PICO laser on the market. I’m sure it’s a wonderful machine but not the machine for you. Pico lasers love small molecules of which melanocytes are one. Melanocytes are the cells in your skin that produce the melanin. We need them, the Pico laser will kill them. Do not expect your doctor or technician to understand this. They have paid a lot of money for their Pico laser and told it’s THE BEST. But it’s not the BEST for us. Oddly, Nano lasers are a much cheaper technology so it will be a lot easier for you to find.

The Tech! – Removing tattoos on dark skin is an art form. Make sure your tech understands what they’re doing and are experienced in the subject. You want someone that does this day in and day out because practice makes perfect. Also, if you need permanent makeup removal, or microblading removal make sure that the tech has vast experience in this.

Remember that it’s nearly impossible to leave you with pre tattoo condition skin. An experienced practitioner will minimise the scar but no one, not even me, can guarantee pre tattoo condition skin.

Do your research, go to the consultation armed with knowledge. You can book a free video consultation with Lorena here.

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