Laser Tattoo Removal and Laser Hair Removal Training

Lorena Öberg is known throughout the world for pioneering techniques for tattoo removal and PMU removal.  Not content with the quality of lasers in the market, Lorena has her own lasers built to her specifications making them safe, effective and affordable. The Lorena Oberg name is associated with quality and support and it’s often a deciding factor for client’s when choosing where to have treatment.  This makes our Laser Tattoo Removal Training truly unique.

If you already own a laser, and wish to have a level 5 Certification. Please click here.

At Lorena’s  we specialise in providing instruction to those who wish to perform laser tattoo and hair removal as well as the removal of Semi Permanent Makeup.  We are widely credited with being the pioneers in Laser Permanent Makeup Removal and people actively look to have treatment with technicians and doctors trained by us.

We teach these courses on our own LO branded lasers which have been proven to be effective whilst gentle to the skin.  In fact, our lasers are even suitable for removing eyeliner with the use of eye shields.  Our IPL in the LOII model  gives you painless hair removal on even dark skin tones.

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What our training offers

We offer an explanation of key elements of laser tattoo and hair removal – understanding the skin, tattoo removal equipment, plenty of before, after, and during pictures of tattoo removal procedures and examples, and opportunities for our tattoo removal training students to practice on real patients.

The section “Exploring Tattoo Removal” is a key component of our laser tattoo removal training course. During this extensive section, we will discuss the energy (fluence) levels that are used during procedures and discuss the side effects of laser tattoo removal. We will show you plenty of pictures of what a patient’s tattoo will look like during treatment.

It is important for our students to know what to expect when they have their own patients. You’ll know that a blister can be very small or quite large and how to prepare patients for this as well as how to advise them to take care of this common side effect.

You will be exposed to pictures of hypo-pigmentation and hyper-pigmentation and instructions on how to deal with these conditions.

And you will also see stubborn tattoos that aren’t easily removed and we will provide you with the knowledge and tools to advise patients on whether or not laser tattoo removal is a suitable treatment for their tattoo.


Please do not hesitate to contact our Course Advisers for information on your route to this exciting career.

This course does not cover the Core of Knowledge, but it is included in our training.  The COK is an online module that must be completed BEFORE our hands on training days.  The COK will give you a level 4 accreditation.

If you do not have evidence, in the form of a certificate, proving your attainment of the Core Of Knowledge, you will not be able to attend and the training fees are non-refundable.

If you have no previous experience, most insurance companies will require and Anatomy and Physiology course to be taken prior to insurance being granted.  Again, this is something that we are able guide you towards and we would be happy to have a chat about your educational path.  We also highly recommend that you take a Blood Borne Pathogens Course which will teach you about cross contamination.

Please note that insurance is your responsibility.  For question on insurance please contact our preferred broker.  You can click here for details.

Tattoo Removal Training

At Lorena Öberg’s we run Four types of Courses

1  –  Laser Tattoo Removal Training for Body Tattoos

This course is for those who wish to remove body tattoos.  This is the training of choice for those that run tattoo studios or wish for a door into the tattoo removal industry.  On site training available for those wishing to qualify more than one member of staff.

Click here to see Syllabus for our 2 day training.

£4,999 + VAT for the full 2 day course, including live models and the DermaEraze Tattoo Removal Laser Machine.  Additional members of staff at the same training £2,500 each.

For more information and a detailed Training Pack and machine specifications please click here.

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2  –  Laser Tattoo Removal Training for Body Tattoos and Permanent Makeup.

 This course is for those that in addition to body tattoo removal,  who would like to specialise in SPMU Removal and Correction.   This training is a must for those in the Semi Permanent Make Up industry.  This training differs in that it includes a superior machine and has additional modules covering the removal of titanium and pigments from the face.

Click here to see the syllabus for our 2 day training.

£7,999 + VAT for the full 2 day level 5 Accredited Course through Wynyard Aesthetics.  Additional coursework will need to be submitted in order to secure your Level 5 accreditation.   This course includes practising on live models and the price includes the DermaEraze PRO Tattoo Removal Laser Machine.  If you wish to have a British Made laser, this will cost an additional £6,000.  The specifications of these two lasers are identical.

Additional members of staff in the same training at £2,500 each.  On site training available at additional cost.

Please note: Finance is available for as little as £10 + VAT per day.  Please see here for details.

For more information and a detailed Training Pack and machine specifications please click here.

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3  –  Laser Tattoo Removal Training,  IPL and Radio Frequency

£35,000 + VAT This is our Premium Training with our Premium machine.  The LO II is British Made and FDA pending.  We feel that this is the only piece of equipment that you will ever need for your clinic.  It’s three machines in one.  You will receive the same Level 5 Qualification as above.

  1.  Tattoo Removal Q-Switched ND Yag laser for body and Permanent Makeup Removal
  2.  IPL – Our IPL is superior to anything in the market for hair removal.  We have been able to achieve an extremely short pulse train in combination with Radio Frequency making our IPL extremely effective for hair removal.  So effective and gentle that it can be used on dark skin tones with very minimal if any discomfort to your client.   Our IPL will also treat other skin conditions such as Pigmentation, Acne, Thread Veins, Facial Rejuvenation and many more.
  3. Radio Frequency –  Our bipolar RF machines gives unparalleled skin tightening results in only 10 minutes.

For more information and a detailed Training Pack and machine specifications please click here.

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4 – Tattoo Removal Conversion Training

Suitable for those that may already have a machine and wish to come under our umbrella.  This is a two day course for those that are already working with lasers and perhaps had training elsewhere but wish to learn to remove Permanent Makeup and practice on live models.  You will receive a Level 5 accreditation

£2,500 + VAT for a one day training.  More details of this training can be found here.

For more information and a detailed Training Pack and machine specifications please click here.

To speak to someone call 01883 344273