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Mesotherapy Treatment

Mesotherapy has been around for decades and it’s the art form of injecting Hyaluronic Acid into the skin in order to promote skin health, repair and delay the signs of ageing. Very popular in the continent, it’s growing in popularity in the UK due to it’s natural and dramatic results.



Mesotherapy is not botox or fillers, it can best be described as vitamins for the skin.  Hyaluronic Acid is well documented for its anti ageing properties, in fact, being a popular ingredient of many creams.  However, the molecules of Hyaluronic acid are too big to be absorved in cream form.  We combine Hyaluronic Acid with Vitamins and Minerals into our own highly effective cocktail.

Mesotherapy is:

  • a natural way to rejuvenate the skin
  • has scientifically proven resulst
  • gives your skin a youthful glow
Mesotherapy London

Why use Mesotherapy?

  • To prevent chrono- and photoaging
  • Fights against signs of ageing, naturally
  • Prevents premature ageing
  • Works wonders on Crepey Skin 


  • Younger, healthier skin
  • Improved skin colour due to improved blood micro circulation
  • Improved skin surface and texture
  • Decreased depth and length of lines
  • Lifting effect
  • Reduced pigmentation
  • Helps with Hyper pigmentation and age spots

Mesotherapy is an innovative method that efficiently restores and prevents the signs of ageing reducing wrinkles and fine lines thus giving the skin a fresh glow.  Mesotherapy reduces signs of fatigue and improves skin tone and elasticity.

We recommend a course of three treatments spaced 2 weeks apart and then a bi to three monthly top up or as needed.  Just as you take your daily vitamins for your body, your skin will appreciate mesotherapy.

You may book an appointment online using the BOOK NOW button on the upper right hand corner of this page (book Skin Rejuvenation).  If you have any questions please feel free to call us on 01883 344273.