Best Treatment for Jowls
Before, Swelling the Next Day, 3 Weeks After

Jowl lift is one of Lorena’s signature treatments. In fact, this is her on the photo on the left.

She will use a combination of thread lift and Aqualyx fat disolving injections, depending on your individual needs.

The beauty of this treatment is that it’s permanent (unless you gain a lot of weight) and the results take years off of your face. She also uses this technique when doing a full non surgical facelift because it means that the client will require less fillers overall. Not only is this more cost effective but the less filler Lorena uses to achieve the desired result the more natural look you will have. Lorena trades on her natural look and it’s this skill that keeps her loyal celebrity client base coming back.

You do need to have this treatment around your social life because the downtime can be up to 3 weeks.

The swelling post treatment is considerable and bellow the photos is a video where Lorena talks about how she felt after the treatment. The emotional feelings of seeing an area she was already self concious about looking worse.

Prices start at £350 per treatment. More than one treatment may be required.