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Emergency Permanent Makeup/Microblading Removal – What do I do now?

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Emergency Microblading- Permanent Makeup Removal in London

Emergency Permanent Makeup/Microblading removal may become necessary due dissatisfaction with the results, adverse reactions, or unforeseen complications. I will explain what you need to do in order to do damage control and make overall removal easier.

This is a follow up to my previous blog about why it’s not a good idea to get Permanent Makeup on Daily Deal websites.  That has proven to be one of my most popular blog posts and you can read it here.

My office gets daily phone calls from people who want to get rid of permanent makeup they don’t like.   If you’re reading this, chances are that you may be one of them.

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Permanent Makeup/Microblading can be wonderful when done well and it matches the client’s expectations.  I see every day people with either bad work or work that is simply not what they expected. Often, the work is expertly done with a wonderful shape but it’s just not what the client THOUGHT it was going to look like. even though it’s very well done.  On the other hand, for a busy mum like me, it’s a life saver.  I have done other posts and articles about what to look for in a technician. This article is to help those that already have had work done they don’t like.

Covering Mistakes With Flesh Coloured PMU Pigment

Do not allow anyone to put more ink in your brows or eye liner.  These pigments are very concentrated and have huge molecules. Breaking down these molecules is very difficult and will take at least double the amount of either laser or non laser pmu removal treatments in order to shift it. By tattooing flesh coloured pigment on top of the mistake, the artist is making something that’s relatively easy to remove to a permanent makeup removal nightmare.

Many technician will want to tattoo flesh coloured in on top of the mistake.  These inks can look good in the short term but in the long term they can turn different shades of white. These inks change colour with time the same as every single ink and pigment does. You will end up with a white blob.

When you go back to your artist and tell them that you’re not happy they will often say “I can fix it”. You need to ask exactly what they will do to fix it. If it involves getting the ink out that’s fine. If it involves covering the mistake with any other pigment, please don’t allow it. The more pigment that you allow to be implanted over what is already a mistake, the more pigment that will need to be removed.

What To Do If The Eyebrow Shape is Wrong

If you don’t like the shape now, you won’t like them any better with thicker brows that another technician will try to even out. The only way to even out brows is to make them thicker and implanting more pigment. Any time you implant more pigment, the more that you’re adding to the problem. We feel strogly that Emergency Permanent Makeup/Microblading Removal is where you should start.

Find an Experienced PMU Removal Specialist

Accept that you will need to get the ink out and accept that this will eventually mean laser treatment. At home treatments will not remove 100% of the ink. You will need professional removal work at some point. This will be:

  • Non Laser Methods such as Saline Removal or Glycolic Acid – Saline or other non laser methods can be done as damage control before the ink has ever healed over. This is a risky procedure and it needs to be done by an expert.
  • Laser Treatments – Because of so many New Generation Pigments in the market that are packed with modifiers, now more than ever, we need to get out as much possible before we use a laser. A test patch is very important to see if the ink will go Red, Pink or Fluorescent Yellow under the laser. These colours are extraordinarily difficult to remove.

At Home Salt PMU Removal Method

In the short term, you can begin to get the ink out by exfoliating with fine sea salt.  This very simple method will shift a surprising amount of the pigment specially if done gently before the PMU heals. This method will also work on lips. The science behind this method is that salt pulls out ink. This is why saline removal is so popular and used by most PMU artists. If you gently exfoliate the area using the fine sea salt (which can be bought from any food shop) whilst the area is still healing, the salt will pull out most of the pigment.

I prefer this method than going for emergency non laser removal, because it will do nearly the same thing but it will be safer on your skin.

How to Do Salt Removal Treatment At Home

You put a bit of salt in the palm of your hand, with a drop of water. You make a paste and GENTLY rub the salt on your brows morning and night.  This will take a lot of the ink out naturally and thus, the laser will have less ink to shift.  I usually tell anyone with fresh Permanent Makeup to do this for six weeks before coming to see me.

Choosing a Laser Technician For Emergency Permanent Makeup/Microblading Removal

Be very careful when choosing a laser technician.  Removing permanent make up is an art form and not the same as body tattoos.   Make sure your technician is well versed in removing ink from the face. Permanent Makeup Pigments have changed so much in the last 5 years that now more than ever, we need to be aware of how different pigments react under the laser. Now more than ever, we need to understand pigment composition in order to give informed consent to our removal clients so that they can make an informed decision on how to proceed.

Colour Correction Vs PMU Removal

Sometimes, brows can be fixed and freshened up with colour correction by a HIGHLY EXPERIENCED brow artist. This is only possible if:

  • The shape is good
  • The brow is not overly saturated with pigment
  • The Pigment is not Dark/Black – You can’t make dark lighter by adding more pigment.

If you decide to allow another technician to “fix” your brows, make sure they tell you exactly what they will be doing.  You need to understand their method and trust their expertise. If you have your brows colour corrected, you need to come out with brows that you like. By adding more pigment to the brow you are making removal more difficult. So you could potentially be “making matters worse”.

If they tell you that “they’re just going to put some flesh coloured ink to cover up the mistake”  RUN FOR THE HILLS AND NEVER LOOK BACK!  Flesh, beige or camouflage pigment doesn’t fix the problem, in fact, it makes it worse.   The molecules of this in are the largest in the industry, making removal extremely difficult.

The practice of putting flesh coloured pigment to hide mistakes is very common.  In my clinic in Beirut, 80% of ladies have had this done at some point.  Please know what people are doing to your face, hold up a mirror if you have to.  I have heard of many ladies that were not even told “how” the tech was going to “fix” their brows. It turned out that they were putting in more ink or using beige ink to cover up the mistakes.

The Good News

Permanent makeup CAN be removed so if you’re reading this and you’re worried, don’t be.  I’m busy training people world wide to perform emergency permanent makeup/microblading removal. As the popularity of permanent makeup rises so does the need for our services.  You can book a free video consultation with Lorena HERE. Call us to speak to a member of staff of 0800 0029696

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